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Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
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Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
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Pros and cons

  • Ultimate feeling of freedom
  • Fast acceleration due to the strong 750 Watt Hypercore hub motor
  • Top speed of 32 km/h
  • Range of 52 km(!)
  • Available in off-road and street versions
  • Easy to carry with the standard supplied maghandle
  • You can create your own driving style in the Onewheel app
  • High beam mode for the dark
  • Due to the larger battery, the Onewheel is on the heavy side to take with you


The Onewheel GT is the new flagship from Onewheel. Compared to the Onewheel XR, the GT model has a longer range and more power. The Onewheel GT can be described as an electric unicycle that you control with body movements. By leaning forwards, backwards and to the side you move yourself. Thanks to the advanced operating system, you'll have mastered Onewheeling within minutes and you're ready to go on an adventure. Riding the Onewheel GT can be compared to snowboarding or surfing: it gives you a feeling of total freedom.

750 watt Hypercore hub motor

The Onewheel GT is powered by a powerful 750 watt Hypercore hub motor that allows you to accelerate quickly. The top speed is 32 km/h and you can climb slopes of 30%. The newly designed control system, which works with a higher voltage, ensures that the GT model is slightly faster than the Onewheel XR and has 50 percent more torque. Due to this improvement, the Onewheel GT is the first Onewheel with 3hp!

2 variants

The GT is equipped with a Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery which consists of 21700 cells. This makes it possible to cover a distance of up to 52 km on a fully charged battery. Do you mainly drive on paved roads or do you prefer to go off road? The Onewheel GT is available in two variants: slick tire and treaded tire. Both tires have a round profile that makes carving smooth and easy. The deck is equipped with grip tape on the footpads so you are firmly secured when you move yourself. The Onewheel GT comes standard with a maghandle to easily lift it and take it anywhere.

Connect to the Onewheel app

Like the other Onewheel models, the GT comes with an app that allows you to read parameters such as the battery percentage. You can also set different driving styles so you can decide for yourself what kind of ride you are going to make. The Onewheel GT also has a high beam mode that makes you extra visible in the dark.

Make your Onewheel GT complete

There are various accessories with which you can complete your Onewheel GT. For example, a fender ensures that you do not get wet or dirty clothes or shoes. In addition, there are also bumpers that ensure that the Onewheel remains extra well protected against damage. The Onewheel can also be completely customized to your own taste because the bumpers, fender and rail guards are available in many different colors.

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  • App
  • Battery Lithium-ion
  • Battery range Up to 52 km
  • Brand Onewheel
  • Charging time 200 minutes
  • Dimensions 241 x 292 x 737 mm (L x W x H)
  • Hill grade 30%
  • Lighting
  • Model GT
  • Motor Hub motor (Hypercore)
  • Motor power 750 watt
  • Top speed 32 km/h
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 16 kg
  • Wheel size 11.5 x 6.5 inch
  • Wheel type Slick, Treaded
Pros and cons