Shipping & collect

Frequently asked questions

Will my package be delivered for free?

If your order value is higher than €50, we will send the package for free. Below €50, we charge €2.95 in the Netherlands and €3.95 in Belgium. A variable shipping rate applies to products that are shipped (per pallet) outside the Netherlands and Belgium.

Can I change the delivery address of a pending order?

Have you not yet received a shipping confirmation in your email? Please contact our customer service to change your address. If you have already received a shipping confirmation, you can still change your address in the Track and Trace of PostNL. This is only possible if your package is not yet far in the shipping process. Not even through customer service. You can approach the residents of the wrong address to see if you can pick up the package there, or ask them to refuse the package at the door. Your order will then be sent back to us. From the moment the package is back with us, you will receive your money back within 5 working days.

With which delivery company will my package be delivered?

We ship orders with PostNL and DHL. This means that you will receive a track & trace code from us with which you can track your package. PostNL and DHL will then attempt to deliver the package on the agreed delivery day.

Together with these delivery companies, we try to minimize the impact of delivery on the environment. The aim of PostNL is to deliver completely emission-free in 25 city centers with electric bicycles and vehicles from 2025. DHL invests in sustainable aviation fuels, CO2-neutral buildings and wants 60% of last-mile deliveries to be made with electric vehicles.

Can I pick up my order?

Everything you order at Voltes can also be picked up in our store in Alkmaar. This way you can be sure that you will receive the package on time. Mention in the notes that you want to pick up the order or contact our customer service.

Where is my order?

You can track your order via the Track and Trace service of PostNL and DHL. You will find your tracking number in the shipping confirmation that we have sent by email.

What happens if I am not at home for the delivery?

If you are not at home during the delivery time, PostNL or DHL will try to deliver the package to your neighbors. If this also fails, they will deliver the package to the nearest pick-up location where you can pick up the package within 7 days. In this case, PostNL or DPD will leave a note with further instructions.

My order is incomplete. What should I do now?

Please wait a little longer. Your order will probably be delivered in several parts and 1 has been delayed. Is your package still not there after 5 days? Please contact our customer service.

What should I do if I have not received my package?

Check the following points:

  1. The Track & Trace Code
  2. The delivery address
  3. The journey of your package

Please contact our customer service if you have checked all points and it is indicated that your package has been delivered, but it has not actually arrived. It is of course also possible that your package has been delivered to a neighbor or a collection point. This is of course indicated.

How long does it take before I can receive my package?

Your order has been shipped when you have received the shipping confirmation. You can then use the table below to check when the order will be delivered.

Country Delivery time in days
Albania 7-9
Algeria 7-8
Argentina 6-10
Armenia 10-12
Aruba 4-8
Australia 6-8
Austria 2-4
Azerbaijan 10-12
Bahamas 5-12
Belgium 1-2
Belize 5-12
Bermuda 5-12
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7-9
Brazil 6-9
Bulgaria 4-7
Canada 5-6
Chili 6-10
Colombia 6-10
Costa Rica 5-12
Croatia 7-9
Cuba 5-12
Cyprus 5-7
Czech Republic 3-5
Denmark 2-3
Dominica 5-12
Dominican Republic 5-12
Ecuador 6-10
Egypt 7-8
El Salvador 5-12
Estonia 4-6
Fiji 10-12
Finland 2-5
France 2-3
French Polynesia 10-12
Germany 2-3
Greece 5-7
Guyana 6-10
Honduras 5-12
Hungary 3-5
Ireland 2-4
Israel 4-5
Italy 3-5
Jamaica 5-12
Jordan 8-10
Latvia 4-6
Lithuania 4-6
Luxembourg 1-2
Macedonia 7-9
Malta 5-7
Mexico 5-12
Moldavia 10-12
Monaco 2-3
Netherlands 1
Netherlands Antilles 4-8
New Caledonia 10-12
Nicaragua 5-12
New Zealand 6-8
Norway 3-4
Panama 5-12
Papua New Guinea 10-12
Paraguay 6-10
Peru 6-10
Poland 3-5
Portugal 4-6
Puerto Rico 5-12
Romania 4-7
Russia 8-10
Serbia 7-9
Slovakia 3-5
Slovenia 4-6
Spain 3-5
Sweden 2-4
Switzerland 2-3
Tunisia 7-8
Turkey 8-10
Ukraine 10-12
United Kingdom 2-4
Unites States 4-7
Uruguay 6-10
Venezuela 6-10
Can I choose a delivery time?

Unfortunately this is not yet possible at the moment. PostNL or DHL will give you a time frame with the expected delivery time one day before delivery.