Maintenance & repair

Our technical technicians carry out maintenance and repairs on electric vehicles in the workshop. We are specialized in complex and simple repairs. You can think of bringing a battery back to life, soldering components on a circuit board to attaching accessories. It is therefore not for nothing that they are called E-Doctors.

Our E-Doctors are also specialized in maintenance. To keep your vehicle in optimal condition and to prevent repairs, it is important to carry out regular maintenance. This extends the lifespan and reduces the risk of parts breaking. There are various maintenance services that are tailored to the vehicle. For example, we have a small and large maintenance service so that there is always a suitable service package for your situation.

In short, with us you are guaranteed a professional repair and/or maintenance service!

What do we offer?

  • Repair by professional E-Doctors
  • No research costs
  • Repair not successful? Then it won't cost you anything
  • Free return shipment for packages in case of repair

Questions or need help?

Visit our store or contact our customer service.

Defect and damage analysis

The product need to be investigated to discover the defect. This can be done by visiting us, e-mail or phone. The most fast and easy way is to send us a problem description with a video of the problem by e-mail. In this way we have a clear picture of the problem and we can give a good solution based on the problem.

Option 1: visit us
Visit us and one of our technicians can inspect the product. It is important to make an appointment in advance.

Option 2: by e-mail
Send us a problem description included a video of the problem by e-mail. Our customer service is available at

Option 3: by phone
Contact our customer service and give them a clear problem description. Our customer service is available at +31850013151

Repair options

There are 2 ways for repair:

  1. Visit our store (repair only by appointment)
  2. Send us the repair

Repair lead time
In-store repair appointment: repaired within 1 hour.
Send us the repair: repaired within 1 to 4 weeks.

Visit us for repair

  1. Make an appointment
  2. Bring the product and accessoiries with you
  3. Sit back with a cup of coffee and wait until we finished your repair

Send us the repair

  1. Download our online repair form.
  2. Fill in the repair form and add this to the package
  3. Pack the product well and securely to prevent damage during transport
  4. Send us the package
  5. Sit back and wait until we finished the repair
Repair costs

An overview of the repair costs can be found on the repair page. Select your product here for an overview.

Free return

The return is free of charge if the product is repaired by us, this only applies to packages. We charge a fee for products that cannot be shipped in a package, such as bicycles and mopeds.