Xiaomi M365 Pro repair

You can leave the repair of your Xiaomi M365 Pro to Voltes without any worries. On this page you will find an overview of the repairs we carry out. The prices include parts, assembly and VAT. After repair you can pick it up or have it returned. We only use original and high-quality parts for repairs. For this reason, we provide a standard warranty on the repair and you are assured of a quality product.

Xiaomi M365 Pro repair prices

Battery replacement €249,-
Motherboard replacement €89,-
Dashboard replacement €25,-
Dashboard pcb replacement €65,-
Inner tube replacement €39,-
Tire replacement €49,-
Solid tire replacement €49,-
Hollow tire replacement €49,-
Handles replacement €25,-
Throttle replacement €35,-
Brake handle replacement €35,-
Brake cable replacement €25,-
Brake caliper replacement €29,-
Brake pads replacement €25,-
Brake disc replacement €25,-
Front fender replacement €35,-
Rear fender replacement €35,-
Rear fender bracket replacement €29,-
Front light replacement €29,-
Rear light replacement €29,-
Connection cable replacement €35,-
Charging port replacement €25,-
Kickstand replacement €29,-
Foot pad replacement €29,-
Bottom plate replacement €19,-
Front fork bolt replacement €15,-
Folder base replacement €35,-
Front fork fixing screw replacement €15,-
Guard ring replacement €15,-
Front fork bearing replacement €35,-
Charging port cover replacement €15,-
Front Fork replacement €99,-

Is your repair not listed? In addition to the above repairs, we also do other repairs. Please contact our customer service for this.

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