About us

About Voltes

Voltes is the specialist in the field of electric mobility. Our passion lies in electric vehicles that provide a unique experience and also contribute to a more sustainable and greener environment. We are the official dealer of all leading brands in the e-mobility sector. In our range you will find many different electric vehicles including e-bikes, e-scooters, e-steps, e-skateboards, hoverboards, Onewheels and more. We also have many matching accessories in our range. This allows you to make optimal use of your means of transport. We also sell parts so that you can fix a defect quickly and easily. In addition to purchase, you can also contact us for repair and maintenance. We have our own workshop where our technical technicians carry out all kinds of repairs. Our technicians are trained to solve the most complex problems. In addition to repairing, we also carry out maintenance so that your vehicle remains in perfect condition.

Origin of Voltes

The name Voltes comes from the inventors Alessandro Volta and Nikola Tesla. Both gentlemen have been very important for the current use of electricity and everything that has to do with it. Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery around 1800 and the energy unit Volt (V) is named after his last name. Nikola Tesla invented the alternator, alternating current motor and other important components of the current electricity network. The inventions of both gentlemen are the basis for the contemporary transition from fossil fuels to clean electric energy and therefore also for the emergence of electric vehicles.