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The Onewheel is a unique means of transport with which you experience the feeling of freedom and pleasure. The Onewheel is unlike any other means of transport and works entirely on body movements. Your balance makes you move forward or backward. Thanks to the user-friendly operating system, you'll have mastered driving after a few minutes. The wide tire provides stability and is suitable for all types of surfaces. So you can drive on the street, on the grass and unpaved roads. The differences between the Onewheels are mainly in the range, size and tire. Do you want to take a test drive? Then come and visit us.

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What is a Onewheel?

A Onewheel is not just a skateboard - it's a totally new way of getting around. It combines the freedom of a snowboard with the maneuverability of a skateboard and the power of a motorcycle. It is an electric unicycle designed for adventurers and daredevils looking for a new mode of transportation. With a Onewheel you can go anywhere you want, whether it's exploring the countryside or cruising around town. With its powerful motor and intuitive control system, the Onewheel is an absolute masterpiece of engineering and design. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Onewheel offers a unique and exciting experience you won't find anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Meet the future of personal transport - meet a Onewheel!

Is it difficult to ride a Onewheel?

Riding a Onewheel may look very difficult, but it's actually surprisingly intuitive and easy to learn! With its unique design and advanced sensors, the Onewheel adapts to your movements and offers a smooth and responsive driving experience. Our users are often amazed at how quickly they master the art of Onewheel riding. And if you still need a little extra help, we have a comprehensive guide and online community to support you. Let those Onewheel adventures begin!

What age is a Onewheel suitable for?

A Onewheel is a very fun and exciting device to ride, but what age is it suitable for? Well, it is recommended to ride a Onewheel from the age of 14. Younger riders can of course also ride it, but it can be a little on the dangerous side. Safety comes first and it is important to always wear protective equipment such as a helmet and knee and elbow pads. So if you are 14 years or older and looking for a challenging and adventurous means of transport, then a Onewheel is definitely for you!

What about the legislation in the Netherlands regarding the Onewheel?

Unfortunately, for Onewheel fans in the Netherlands it is still not possible to make a legal ride on a Onewheel. It is only allowed if your Onewheel is insured. But here's the problem: no insurer currently offers insurance for the Onewheel. So if you want to go out with your Onewheel, you have to be aware of potential risks.

Which accessories are recommended for a Onewheel?

If you have a Onewheel, there are a number of accessories that make driving even more fun and easier. For example, fenders are ideal for preventing mud and dirt from smearing your clothing while driving on wet roads. Also useful are the Onewheel rails that protect your board and help you make sharp turns. And if you want to take your phone or other gear with you while riding, the Onewheel bags are a must-have. But beyond these accessories, safety is of course an important point of attention. We always recommend riding with a helmet, knee pads, and gloves. Very safe, of course, if things go wrong. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Onewheel experience with these awesome accessories!

What kind of terrain can I ride on with a Onewheel

Onewheels are suitable for adventurers who know no boundaries! Whether you're looking for an off-road experience or just cruising around on pavement, a Onewheel is the perfect companion. Thanks to the powerful motor and the wide tire, a Onewheel can easily drive over grass, sand, pebbles and other challenging terrain. But the Onewheel also feels completely at home on tight asphalt roads.

What can you do with the Onewheel app?

With the Onewheel app you have control of your ride in the palm of your hand! Set your driving mode, view your speed and battery life, track your route and even set your own custom settings. In short, the Onewheel app is an indispensable companion for every Onewheel rider who wants to get the most out of his ride.