Hoverboard buying guide

Because most hoverboards look the same it is difficult to recognize the good quality hoverboard. That all hoverboards look the same is because the inventor of the hoverboard had not applied for a patent. The result of this is that there are now many factories producing hoverboards. These factories have a competitive battle to produce the hoverboard as cheaply as possible. In order to lower the production price, the most factories use parts which have lower quality and break down quickly. To make it clear for the consumer, we have drawn up a buying advice in where we explain the differences in quality for a hoverboard. There are 4 aspects you have to look at:

  • Motherboard system
  • Battery
  • Wheels
  • Charger

Below we will explain for each aspect what the differences in quality are.

Motherboard system

The motherboard system is one of the most important parts and you can see it as the computer of the hoverboard. The motherboard consists of multiple circuit boards such as the motherboard and the sensorboards. These circuit boards control everything and ensure that the hoverboard makes the movements you make. The company TAOTAO has developed this motherboard system for the hoverboard and is the original producer. TAOTAO uses high quality components for the circuit boards and this makes the TAOTAO system the best quality available for a hoverboard. The competition noticed this and many factories in China copied the system of TAOTAO. These replicas are not of the same high build quality as TAOTAO and because of that these replicas will quickly break down. To reduce the production costs some of the replica systems do not even have a separate motherboard. These systems without a separate motherboard are of bad quality and quickly break down. There are 3 types of quality available:

1. Original TAOTAO motherboard system, total 3 circuit boards (best quality)

2. Fake/Replica motherboard system, total 3 circuit boards (low quality)

3. Fake/Replica system without a separate motherboard, total 2 circuit boards (bad quality)

Hoverboard quality of systems

The best quality motherboard system is from TAOTAO. This company has developed the motherboard system for the hoverboard and is the original producer. The TAOTAO motherboard system can be recognized by the green color and the logo in the shape of a V. The replica motherboard systems can be recognized by a brown, red or blue color without logos. See the image below for how to recognize a TAOTAO and replica motherboard system.


For ​​the battery there are also different types of quality. The battery is made of different battery cells and the difference in the quality lays in these cells. The battery cells are available in A-brands such as Samsung and LG but also in unknown Chinese brands with poor quality cells. The Samsung and LG cells are of the best quality and also safe. The build quality of a Samsung or LG battery is better and because of that these kind of batteries have a longer life.

There are also differences in the amount of cells in a battery. There are batteries available with 10 and 20 battery cells. A 10-cell battery will be able to drive half the distance of a 20-cell battery. As a result of the less amount of cells a 10 cell battery will be quick empty. You can only drive a few kilometers with this kind of battery.

The differences between hoverboard batteries


For the wheels there is also a lot of difference in quality available on the market. The difference for the wheels is in the power of the wheel. There are wheels with 150, 250 and 350 watts available. The higher the amount of watts is, the more powerful the engine in the wheel is. You notice this difference in power while riding on the hoverboard. The 350 watts wheel drives easier on pavements, hills and is faster in speed. The 350 watts wheel turns faster and because of this it is smoother when you turn around.


The charger is one of the most important parts and there are many different quality hoverboard chargers on the market. The main feature of the charger should be that it is safe and stops giving power when the hoverboard is fully charged.

A good quality charger has a built-in stop function and UL certification. The stop function ensures that the charger stops giving power when the battery is charged. The UL certification is a quality mark of the UL test institute. This is an independent organization that inspects products worldwide for safety.

There are also bad quality chargers on the market that continue to supply electricity when the battery is fully charged. This can cause that the system will overheat and in the worst case this can cause that the hoverboard will catch fire. These bad quality chargers do not have UL certification. It is therefore important to use a hoverboard charger which has a stop function and UL certification.


Quality Voltes

We want to offer our customers only safe and high quality products. That's why all our hoverboards have a TAOTAO motherboard system, Samsung battery with 20 cells, 350 watts per wheel and a charger with stop function & UL certification.