Frequently asked questions

Which products can I insure?

In collaboration with ENRA Insurance, you can insure electric bicycles and electric scooters with us.

How can I insure my bicycle?

You have just purchased a new product from us and of course you want to insure it well against damage or theft, so that you can hit the road without any worries. Unfortunately, damage to or theft of your e-bike cannot be prevented. To cover these risks, we offer insurance that is especially for e-bikes. In collaboration with ENRA Insurance, we offer two different types of insurance with a term of one, three or five years. In the overview below you can see which options are available. You can decide for yourself what is and is not insured.


Can I insure my electric scooter with Voltes?

Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to insure your electric scooter with us. Consult your insurance company for more information on this.