Hoverboard 8.5 inch repair

Voltes is specialized in 8,5 inch Hoverboard repair. We have our own repair team which has years of experience in repairing all kinds of 8,5 inch Hoverboards. Our repair team can do the repairs quickly and professionally. Every 8,5 inch Hoverboard defect or problem can be repaired, even if the 8,5 inch Hoverboard has fallen into water. We can repair all types of 8,5 inch Hoverboards, so it does not matter which brand or model 8,5 inch Hoverboard you have.

On this page you will find an overview of the repairs we carry out. The prices include parts, assembly and VAT. After repair you can pick it up or have it returned. We only use original and high-quality parts for repairs. For this reason, we provide a standard warranty on the repair and you are assured of a quality product.

8,5 inch Hoverboard repair prices

Battery replacement €110,-
Battery holder replacement €19,-
Motherboard set replacement €89,-
Motherboard replacement €69,-
Sensorboard replacement €45,-
Led lights replacement €20,-
Indicator lights replacement €20,-
Charger port replacement €20,-
On/off button replacement €20,-
Frame replacement €70,-
Wheel replacement €59,-
Rubber pad replacement €25,-
Shell replacement €69,-

Is your repair not listed? In addition to the above repairs, we also do other repairs. Please contact our customer service for this.

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