The Super73 R-Series

The Super73 R-Series
23 Dec 2021

Super73 announced last week two new ebike models during an event in Los Angeles. The new ebikes are called the Super73 R and Super73 RX. These models are from the new Super73 R-Series and are the most powerful and technologically advanced Super73 ebikes ever. This means a more powerful motor, bigger range, various riding modes and a new design. The pictures say it all.

Super73 RX Electric Bike

Super73 R Motor

The Super73 R and the Super73 RX have both a powerful DC hub motor. The power of the motor can be adjusted by the different riding modes. In mode 1 to 3 this means an output of 750 (nominal) watts and in mode 4 this is 1200 watts. The power can be controlled by the throttle or pedal assistance. There are two riding modes for pedal assistance and two for throttle function. The most fast mode is called the "unlimited" and the top speed is then up to 45 km/h. Super73 recommends to use this mode on private property only. Below you can find an overview of the different speed settings included the specifications.

  • Class 1 mode: 750 watts with 1200 peak output & pedal assist up to 32 km/h.
  • Class 2 mode: 750 watts with 1200 peak output & throttle up to 32km/h.
  • Class 3 mode: 750 watts with 1200 peak output & pedal assist up to 45km/h.
  • Unlimited mode: 1200 watts with 2000 peak output & throttle up to 45km/h.

Super73 R Battery

The Super73 R-Series comes with a 960Wh battery, this is the biggest in its segment. This battery has an incredible range up to 60km with only throttle and up to 120km in the ECO-mode with pedal assistance. The battery is mounted on the frame and clearly visible like always. It is very easy to dismount the battery if you'd like to charge it. The charge time with the standard charger (3A) is about 5-6 hours and with the fast charger about 3-4 hours.

Super73 R Design

The Super73 R-Series are available in 3 different colors. The Super73 R is available in the color "Olive Drab" and the Super73 RX is available in the color "Rhino Gray" and "Garmine Red". The combinations of the colors makes the design complete. Super73 has also listened to the feedback of their customers and changed the position of the saddle and pedals. Because of this, The Super73 R will be more comfortable to taller people. An interesting (optional) addition are the 10-speed gears. This could be beneficial for the European riders who are often unable to legally use a throttle on public roads. This, together with the various modes with pedal assist, gives the European rider enough to look forward to. The Super73 R and RX both have special 20 inch Super73 BDGR tires. The pattern of the tire is designed to improve traction, reduce road noise and increase stability for on-road and off-road riding. Furthermore the Super73 R-Series frame is fitted with an adjustable front and rear suspension system, this will give you a more comfortable driving experience. The Super73 RX model has some extra options like LED front lights, horn and fenders. Besides this, the Super73 RX has an integrated brake light and Tektro brake system of high quality.

Super73 RX Carmine Red Electric Bike

Suspension of the R-Series

The Super73 R bike comes with front and rear suspension. The suspension fork of the SG-models was one of the most populair accessoires and because of this Super73 added full suspension to the new model. The Super73 RX has a an inverted coil-spring fork with air assist. The RX's fully adjustable suspension system includes preload, compression and rebound adjustments. The Super73 R will be a full suspension e-bike as well although the fork and rebound will be less adjustable compared to the RX.

Super73 App

Another technological improvement is that the Super73 R can be connected to an app. Through this app you can install the latest firmware updates to keep your bike up-to-date. An optional IoT module gives additional features such as anti-theft security, location tracking and crash detection. The Super73 app is available for iOS and Android devices.


The Super73 R-Series is a state-of-the-art bike with many new functions and improvements. The new design doesn't only look good but is also functionally improved. This together with the powerful motor and the large battery makes the Super73 R a musthave for the rider who wants something special. From june/july 2020 the new models will be available in Europe and at Voltes. We have to be patient but they are on their way!