The Phatfour FLX-Series: a revolution on fat tires

The Phatfour FLX-Series: a revolution on fat tires
13 Feb 2024

The Phatfour FLX-Series is the latest flagship from Phatfour. Two new models have been introduced within this series, the FLX and FLX+. Now with an improved design and even more technology. This article will give you an in-depth look at what the Phatfour FLX has to offer.

Innovative design

The design of the Phatfour fatbike has changed considerably. Compared to its predecessor, the FLX has a higher seat height, comfortable saddle, suspension fork and improved headlight. With its fat tires, robust frame and minimalist aesthetics, this electric fatbike is a striking appearance on the road. The fat tires not only provide a unique look but also provide more grip and stability, contributing to a safer and more comfortable driving experience, even on rough terrain. The handlebar is adjustable so you can always put it in the right position regardless of your preference. The FLX series are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes as standard so that you always have the best braking performance. Do you have to make an unexpected emergency stop? Then this is no problem at all. You'll be standing still safely in no time.

Performance and durability

Powered by a powerful hub motor from Bafang, the FLX accelerates to 25 km/h in just a few seconds. The motor is positioned in the rear wheel, which provides a driving force with a more natural cycling feeling. The battery of the FLX-Series is available in a 500Wh and a 750Wh version. The 500Wh gives a range up to 122 km and with the 750Wh this is even 184 km. The range does depend on driving style and weather conditions. The more headwind you have, the more power has to be delivered and the higher the consumption. If the battery is unexpectedly empty, it can be fully charged again within 5-7 hours. The combination of power and range make this fatbike perfect for short urban rides and longer weekend rides.

Technology and features

The Phatfour FLX is equipped with advanced technology that enhances the driving experience. An intuitive LCD display provides real-time information on speed, distance, battery life and more. There are various driving modes available, allowing you to adjust the support to your personal preference. Real-time consumption is shown in each driving mode so you can coordinate this with the capacity in the battery.

What is the difference between the FLX and FLX+?

As the name suggests, the Phatfour FLX+ is the more luxurious variant. This has a 2-speed motor that automatically switches to a higher gear when you go 17 km/h. This makes pedaling easier and allows you to drive away from the traffic light without difficulty. Another additional advantage is that the 2-speed motor always ensures that you are in the right gear, which benefits the battery capacity. In addition to the engine, there is also a difference in the drive. The FLX+ has a belt drive instead of a chain. The big advantage of this is that it is low-maintenance, quiet and durable. A chain drive requires maintenance, wears out faster and makes noise.