Tenways Cargo One: the ultimate cargo bike for the whole family

Tenways Cargo One: the ultimate cargo bike for the whole family
13 Feb 2024

The Tenways Cargo One is designed to be the ultimate family-friendly means of transport, perfect for families with children and pets. This article delves into the world of the Tenways Cargo One cargo bike, a vehicle that not only increases the functionality of daily trips to school or the park, but also facilitates outdoor adventures and promotes sustainable travel.

The ideal solution for families

For families striving for an active, eco-friendly lifestyle, the Tenways Cargo One offers a combination of comfort, safety and efficiency. With its extra-large cargo box and ergonomic design, this cargo bike is designed to provide an enjoyable travel experience for both parents and children. Whether it's dropping the kids off at school, running errands, or just enjoying a sunny day outside, the Cargo One makes every journey effortless and fun.

Safety and comfort first

The Cargo One focuses strongly on safety and comfort. With features such as a robust mid-motor, stepless Enviolo hub gear and a Gates belt drive, reliability is guaranteed. The cargo bike also has an advanced lighting system, including EV-style side lights and turn signals, for optimal visibility and safety on the road. In addition, the suspension fork and Royalgel™ saddle ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, even over longer distances.

Space and flexibility for every family

The Tenways Cargo One excels in its versatility and adaptability to the needs of every family. The cargo bike has a spacious cargo box with a capacity of 800 liters, equipped with seat belts, so there is plenty of room for children or even pets. For families who value flexibility, the Cargo One offers simple customization options, such as removing the cargo box or child seats, to make room for different types of cargo.

Durability and performance

In addition to its family-friendly design, the Tenways Cargo One also stands for sustainability and efficiency. The cargo bike is equipped with a powerful 960 Wh battery, which enables long distances up to 90 km on a single charge, ideal for daily rides or weekend adventures. The combination of sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies makes the Cargo One an environmentally conscious choice for modern families.

Conclusion: the future of family mobility

The Tenways Cargo One represents more than just a cargo bike; it is an investment in family, environment, and community. With its advanced features, safety measures, and durable design, the Cargo One is an attractive solution for families.