Summerboard SBX: The e-skateboard that feels like a snowboard

Summerboard SBX: The e-skateboard that feels like a snowboard
24 May 2022

The feeling you get from snowboarding is like no other. The freedom you experience is simply indescribable. So we obviously understand you can’t wait until your next snowboard trip, right after it’s over. If only you could be snowboarding all year long… That would be fantastic.

And you know what, you can. With the Summerboard SBX you shred the streets like you’re on the slopes. Let us tell you all about it!

Snowboarding without snow

The idea of Summerboard dates back to 1995, when founder and CEO Aaron Aders had his first snowtrip. Each ride home back from the mountains, Aaron would daydream about snowboarding through his hometown, finding a way to keep the shred alive every day.

He decided to turn his dream into reality by creating the Summerboard: a unique e-snowboard for everyday carving, sliding and shredding.

The ultimate shredmachine

The development of the Summerboard started in 2014. But only in 2018 was the original Summerboard introduced - with the Summerboard SBX as the latest shredmachine.

Fans describe the upgrade as going from a Blackberry to iPhone. Yes, the unique Summerboard SBX is a big success. And we understand why.

Not your average electric skateboard

Who thinks the Summerboard SBX is ‘just’ a regular electric skateboard, is in for a surprise.

Motorized casterwheels

Specifically designed for creating the true snowboard feeling, the Summerboard SBX allows you to make 360’s as if you’re doing tricks on the slopes. Thanks to its two motorized casterwheels the board turns fully around its own axis. Such flexible wheels are not a common thing for e-skateboards.

Battery on top

The battery of the electric snowboard is mounted on top. This makes it way easier to shred, carve and slide like a pro. Most electric skateboards, like the Koowheel, have their batteries on the downside of the board. Or even inside the frame.

Daily workout

Not only its features and specs, but also the purpose of the Summerboard SBX is different.

Most e-skateboards are the perfect vehicles to get from A to B. To ride through the streets at your own pace. Get to your destination quickly, or take routes that you otherwise never go. Summerboard can definitely be used for that too, but it’s a bigger challenge.

Summerboarding is actually really something you do for the sport - creating the feeling of riding through the snow. It can be physically intense as well, as you use your whole body to ride. After 15 or 20 minutes shredding on your electric snowboard you have completed a full daily work-out!

Comparing apples to oranges

Truth is, you can’t compare the Summerboard SBX to the average e-skateboard. The e-boards have different specs, features and serve different purposes.

The Summerboard is a unique product for true snowboard fanatics who want to experience that epic boardfeeling all year long - in their own hometowns.

Topspeed of 27mph

Talking about specs, with the Summerboard SBX you reach speeds that get you excited for sure. With a topspeed of 27mph you pass the roads with ease. The battery range goes up to 12 miles to provide for a full shred sesh.

In for a longer ride? Take an extra battery with you in your backpack. They are thin and lightweight, so easy to carry.

Use the smart Bluetooth remote with rugged screen to check how fast you’re going and pace up the speed.

How to ride the Summerboard SBX?

Just as with a regular snowboard, it’s important to divide your weight among your heels and toes, right above the casterwheels. Keep your knees and arms bent. The wheels on the outside of the Summerboard SBX help you get grip on the road so you don’t lose control.

The ultimate trick? Pretending you literally got snow underneath your feet. This has been the game changer for most Summerboard riders.

Practice makes perfect

Okay, we fully admit that it may take a while before you get the hang of it. But once you control your Summerboard SBX, you’re hooked.

To help you develop your Summerboard-skills, Summerboard shot a couple of instruction videos. Each video dives into a different topic, like jumping off your board or carving like a pro.

If you struggle in the beginning, don’t panic. Everyone has been a beginner once. It takes about 3 sessions - including watching the instruction videos - before you get confident.

Remember, practice makes perfect. You got this!

Ready to keep carving all year long?

If so, we have good news for you. The Summerboard SBX is now available at Voltes. Visit us and try out the ultimate shredmachine.