Onewheel Pint Highlighted | Playful & Affordable

Onewheel Pint Highlighted | Playful & Affordable
23 Dec 2021

The Onewheel Pint is the latest model designed by Future Motion. The Onewheel is intuitively controlled by body movements. The advanced operating system makes this very easy. The board is easy to control with simple, small body movements which makes the riding experience very comfortable. The use of the Onewheel gives you an idea of surfing on the road surface, which provides a unique feeling of freedom and fun. The Onewheel tire is suitable for all types of terrain. Forests, roads and beaches come to mind. Full battery, the Onewheel Pint has a range of 13 kilometres and the 750-watt hub motor is strong enough for practically every hill. All this with a top speed of 26 km per hour. Thanks to the front and back lights, you remain clearly visible while driving.

New features Onewheel Pint

  • The Onewheel Pint is a lot smaller than previous models. This makes the model more agile and easier to take on public transport. Therefore, a perfect option for city use!
  • The Simplestop makes it very user-friendly for the less experienced Onewheel consumer. With this new stop system, you stop the Onewheel by leaning. A lot easier than the system of the Onewheel XR where you had to stop by lifting your heel.
  • Aside from the fact that the Onewheel Pint is lighter and more compact, the new magnetic grip on the side makes the user extra mobile.
  • The user also stays up to date with the LED strip on the front, which provides information about the battery and the status of the board.

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR

What stands out when the Onewheel Pint is compared to the Onewheel XR? Both models come with the same 750-watt motor. With 30 km per hour top speed, the Onewheel XR is slightly faster but wins especially when looking at the range of both Onewheels. However, the weight, size and the magnetic grip makes the user of the Onewheel Pint more mobile. Due to the small size, the Pint is more playful and with its lower price a lot more affordable.

Model Onewheel Pint Onewheel XR
Motor power 750W 750W
Top speed 26km/h 30km/h
Battery Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC)
Battery range Up to 13km Up to 29km
Hill grade 30% 30%
Weight 10,5kg 12kg
Lights Yes Yes
App Yes Yes


Where in the past, Future Motion added value in terms of speed and distance, the Onewheel Pint is playful and rookie friendly. The weight, size and new grip makes the Onewheel easy to carry. The model is not only more affordable but also more accessible for the newcomer, people in the city or consumers looking for a more playful model for short distances.