Evolve GTR Highlighted

Evolve GTR Highlighted
23 Dec 2021

After 10 years, Evolve is launching a new product line, the Evolve GTR series! Like the previous series, the Evolve GTR series comes with 2 different types of decks. The Evolve Bamboo GTR and the Evolve Carbon GTR. Both models are available in a street version and an All Terrain (AT) version. With the conversion kit the user of the Evolve GTR series can switch from the street version to the AT version or vice versa. Both models come with two powerful belt motors which provide a combined power of 3000 watt. This ensures a top speed of 42 km per hour. Thanks to the rubber sealant, the electronics of the Evolve GTR series are well protected against water.


Evolve has completely redesigned the battery system. In the past, the so-called "Voltage drop" caused a lot of complaints with previous models. Especially uphill or during off-road driving, the Evolve lost power or jumped into ECO mode. In addition to the loss of power, the battery fluctuated quite considerably in these situations, resulting in inaccurate status of the battery when looking at the display. These issues have been resolved with the battery of the Evolve GTR series. The board retains its power even when the battery is low and the display shows the correct amount of battery when driving off-road or uphill. The Samsung lithium-ion battery provides the user with a range of 70 km.

Evolve R2 Remote & Display

The Evolve GTR boards are controlled with the Evolve R2 remote control via Bluetooth connection, ensuring a much better response time. Besides this the Bluetooth connection no longer suffers the connection problems of previous models. In addition, the user of the Evolve GTR can choose between different colors for the remote control. The display allows the driver to choose ECO mode, Pro and GTR. A custom mode can be created with the Evolve app.

Evolve App

Evolve has developed an app for the GTR series. The app is called Explore by Evolve and allows the user to create their own custom mode. With the custom mode the speed can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. Aside from the adjustable speed, the app comes with trip registration. The app tracks details such as average speed, top speed, distances and more. In addition, the ride can be shared with other e-skaters or the user can compete for a place on the Evolve leaderboard.

Package content

The Evolve GTR comes with a bag in which the user can bring all accessories necessary. In addition to the skateboard and the remote R2, this bag also contains a Y-Tool, spare screws, charger and a manual.


Evolve listened to the feedback of its customers making the Evolve GTR series a clear upgrade compared to its predeccesors. With the new battery system and the remote control on Bluetooth connection, the user does not have to worry about previous defects anymore. The Evolve GTR series is not only much better than its previous models but also blows away the rest of the competition with its various upgrades. A real must-have for e-skaters.