Bird Bike review: is this e-bike worth it?

Bird Bike review: is this e-bike worth it?
24 Oct 2022

Want to buy an electric bike? Chances are you discovered the Bird Bike. As a serious competitor of the famous VanMoof bikes this popular e-bike gets lots of attention from young professionals in urban areas. In 2022 the Bird Bike won a prize for “best tested” bike in the category electric commuting under €2.500. Reason enough for our experts to test the promising e-bike themselves.

Our honest review of the Bird Bike

Before we get deeper into the features of the bike, let us first tell you something about Bird. You might know the company from their famous shared electric scooters. The Bird Bike however is the first electric bike ever the company launched. The modern city bike looks a bit like a VanMoof, but rougher. It really is a different bike.

Useful removable battery

The first thing we notice is the 346Wh removable battery. Very useful. You don’t need to bring the whole bike to charge the battery. All you do is remove the power unit, take it inside and charge it there. Be careful with removing the battery from the bike, though. In the beginning, removing it can be a challenge.


60 to 100 km distance

According to Bird, you should be able to ride 60 to 100 km on a full battery. The maximum distance depends on several factors, such as body weight, outside temperature and wind. For this Bird Bike Review, we cycled around North-Holland with a gentle wind and reached 90 km. A remarkable distance, if you ask us.

Pay attention: when the battery reaches 7 or 8 percent, the motor kind of stops. You will need to pedal. Just like on a normal bike.

Rear wheel motor 250 Watt

The Rear wheel motor of 250 Watt is strong enough to cross all terrains in the Netherlands. Even when the wind is strong, 26 to 27 km/hour is reachable. The motor accelerates perfectly. For an electric bike, 250 Watt is normal.

Modern design with beautiful details

Thanks to its beautiful, clean design, the Bird Bike is a true eye-catcher. The front and back light make sure you’re always visible on the road, even when it’s very dark outside. Electronics are stuffed away skilfully in strong steel pipes. When the Bird Bike falls, the individual parts won’t get damaged easily. It’s a sturdy beast. The integrated dashboard stays flawless.

The Bird Bike is available in beautiful deep dark blue and pitch-black. Fun detail: the bike bell is hidden in the brake handle. Subtly hidden as well are the welds, which for an e-bike design is more or less unique.


Exclusive Bird app

With the free Bird App you start your bike and lock it up. An integrated lock that only needs one push on the button to lock the entire electric bike and activate the alarm system, like VanMoof has, is not part of the Bird Bike (yet). A point for improvement.

7 gears

The Bird Bike has 7 different gears with Shimano system. The disc brakes are easy to maintain. Rain or sunshine, the braking power is flawless. For this Bird Bike review we drove around on a sunny day without any brake issues.

What’s more…

The Bird Bike weighs 22 kilos and has 28 inch wheels. The fat tires are perfect for a city ride. Bird Bike is available in 2 different frame types: the A frame and V frame. Are you shorter than 65 inch? The e-bike will be too big for you. Are you longer than 78 inch? The bike gets too small. A third size, or adjustable size for smaller or bigger people would be a genius addition, we think.

Bird Bike review: better than VanMoof?

The differences between Bird Bike and VanMoof lay mostly in the design. When it comes to features, the differences are small. The Bird Bike has gears and the VanMoof doesn’t, for example. And the displays are different. Bird Bikes’ display is far better if you ask us - integrated in the handle bar, slick and stylish. VanMoof has a prism screen, which is difficult to read in the sun. But: VanMoof has an integrated lock. Minor details, minor differences. In other words: it’s a matter of taste.

The Bird Bike is an extraordinary e-bike

Yes. The Bird Bike has everything you may expect from an electric bike, and more. Gears, a strong engine and modern design. What makes this bike even more special is the integrated display. The differences with a VanMoof bike are relatively small. Despite minor points of improvement, the Bird Bike is an impressive addition to the e-bike landscape - for an amazing price. We’re hooked!