Watt introduces three new e-bike models: the Valencia, Dublin, and Dublin ST

Watt introduces three new e-bike models: the Valencia, Dublin, and Dublin ST
29 Jan 2024

Discover the future of cycling with Watt Bikes, which is introducing three new models in 2024: the Dublin ST, the Dublin, and the Valencia. The Watt Bikes brand is renowned for its focus on quality, performance, and design. Get ready, because starting from late March 2024, you can ride in style and comfort with the latest technological innovations from Watt Bikes.

The Watt Dublin - A timeless bike for modern adventurers!

Step onto the Watt Dublin and experience the perfect combination of classic design and advanced technology. With a lightweight aluminum frame and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, this bike offers a harmonious blend of style and safety.

Reliable e-bike system from Motinova

The Motinova e-bike system serves as the heart of the Dublin. With a robust 250W rear-wheel motor and 45Nm torque, you'll enjoy smooth assistance while riding. The integrated controller and quick torque sensor ensure a responsive riding experience. Thanks to Motinova's diagnostic software and tools, issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

Removable battery for ultimate convenience

With the removable battery, an integral part of the Motinova e-bike system, you're always ready for the ride. With a capacity of 360Wh and 10.5Ah, the battery provides ample power for daily adventures. With a charging time of just three hours and a lifespan of 500 to 800 charging cycles, you'll effortlessly stay on the move.

Models for everyone

The Watt Dublin is available in both women's and men's versions. The women's model, Dublin Step-Through (ST), comes in frame sizes 50 and 54 cm, and is offered in taupe and black colors. The men's model, Dublin, is available in sizes 54 cm and 59 cm, and comes in matte black. Both models feature an adjustable handlebar and saddle, allowing you to find the most comfortable riding position. Equipped with lighting connected to the e-bike system, adjustable handlebar and saddle, and convenient accessory points for a kickstand, lock, front carrier, and rear carrier, the Watt Dublin is fully equipped for your daily urban adventures.

Discover the Watt Valencia: Stylish functionalities for urban adventures

The Valencia continues the legacy of the California and distinguishes itself with its double top tube. Inspired by French vintage frames, the design of the Valencia results in a city bike that is both stylish and functional. Ideal for urban explorations and easy to charge thanks to the removable battery.

Removable battery for convenience

Starting from 2024, all Watt bikes come equipped with a removable battery as part of the Motinova e-bike system. With a capacity of 360Wh and 10.5Ah, the battery provides sufficient energy for daily rides. Charging is easily done at home and takes approximately three hours when the battery is fully depleted. The battery has an average lifespan of 500 to 800 charging cycles, making this bike ready for many adventures in the city. All Watt bikes are equipped with the reliable Motinova e-bike system. With a powerful 250W rear-wheel motor and 45Nm torque, this bike offers effortless support. The fully integrated controller and torque sensor ensure a smooth riding experience. The compact display (type CS512) adds a modern touch.

Stylish and visible

The bicycle is equipped with front and rear lights, as well as reflective tires, ensuring excellent visibility even in the dark. The high handlebar and adjustable saddle provide the opportunity to adjust to the most comfortable riding position. The Valencia is available as a women's model in frame sizes 50 and 54 cm.

Modern lighting for safety

Discover the futuristic lighting of Dutch design, powered by Spanninga. With the Trendo headlight and the NR.9 taillight, paired with the intuitive e-bike display, you'll experience unparalleled control. Thanks to the StVZO certification, these lights are suitable for any adventurous ride across Europe.

Robust e-bike system by Motinova

Delve into the world of reliable e-bike performance with Motinova's complete system. From the intuitive display to the powerful controller, sensor, and motor – everything seamlessly integrated for a smooth riding experience. The battery, an essential component of the Motinova e-bike system, comes with a reassuring two-year factory warranty. Trust the technology that takes you further.

Hydraulic disc brakes: braking of the future!

Experience the power of precision and safety with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Installed at both the front and rear, these brakes not only provide ultimate stopping power but also a sense of complete control on the road. With these innovative technologies, every ride becomes an adventure filled with confidence and enjoyment.

Matching accessories

Steco carriers and baskets: for a vintage style

To maintain the retro feel of your bike, we recommend adding the perfectly matching front carrier and convenient detachable basket from Steco. Your front light can be effortlessly mounted on the carrier, and the power cable is conveniently long and cleverly concealed within the headset.

Brooks saddles and handlebar grips: upgrade your ride

Give your bike a touch of class with a small upgrade! The collection of leather saddles for both men and women, along with matching handlebar grips from Brooks, elevate the appearance of your two-wheeler to the next level. Choose from a range of colors for the perfect match.

AXA locks: protection against theft

Of course, you want to protect your bike from thieves. With AXA locks, you've been assured of top quality and reliability for years. And the best news? Watt bikes are already equipped for easy installation of these locks. So, you can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing your bike is secure wherever you go.

The new collection of Watt bikes will be available for purchase from late March. Discover the ultimate combination of style and performance and get ready for your next two-wheeled adventure!