Safely on the road with your e-step, e-bike or hoverboard!

Safely on the road with your e-step, e-bike or hoverboard!
19 Jan 2023

Do you have an e-step, e-bike or hoverboard and would you like to travel quickly, safely and comfortably to any desired location? The e-step, e-bike and hoverboard are seen by many people as an ideal solution, but in many cases safety is forgotten. Safety while driving is important, so we have listed a number of important accessories for the e-step, e-bike and hoverboard to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Safe in traffic with an e-step

Are you going to use your brand new electric scooter for the first time soon? Then we recommend buying a good bicycle helmet and protective clothing. This way you ensure that you can hit the road with peace of mind and are always protected against serious injuries in the event of an accident. In addition, you want to be able to park your brand new e-scooter anywhere without it being stolen. It is very important to buy a lock, so that thieves stay away from your electric scooter at all times. Choose from a fixed lock, chain lock or combination lock and park your e-scooter anywhere in the street with peace of mind.

Safe in traffic with an e-bike

Safety is very important, so good lighting should not be missing on your new e-bike. Bicycle lighting ensures that you are clearly visible on the road for both pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles. We therefore advise you not to save money on good front and rear lighting for your e-bike. Of course you want to prevent your brand new e-bike from being stolen at all times. An axa bicycle lock and abus locks are fully certified and meet all the requirements of insurance companies. An axa bicycle lock cannot simply be cut through and is therefore an ideal lock for any e-bike.

Safe in traffic with a hoverboard

A hoverboard is not dangerous, but you must take the necessary safety measures. Think of wearing a high-quality bicycle helmet that reduces the risk of injury to the head. Please note that the bicycle helmet is fully certified. It is also wise to purchase gloves to optimally protect your hands during a fall. However, this is not the only advantage of gloves, because it also provides more grip while driving and dampens vibrations. This gives you both a safe and comfortable feeling while controlling your hoverboard.

Have you heard of the Voltes smart phone holder?

Do you find it difficult to ignore your incoming texts or phone calls while driving? Then the Voltes smart phone holder is for you. With this phone holder you can use your phone undisturbed without having to hold it in your hand. This way you stay focused on traffic at all times and prevent dangerous situations on the road.