Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey

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Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
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Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey
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Pros and cons

  • Unique design available in different colors
  • High load-bearing steel frame
  • Smart and powerful 3100 watt Bosch motor
  • Removable battery with a large range
  • Niu app with tracking system, anti-theft system and battery monitoring
  • The moped is on the heavy side, which makes it a little less easy to turn


The Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey is the big brother of the Niu MQi+ Sport. This e-scooter offers more space for both you and the person on the back. In addition, the wheel diameter has been increased to 14 inches for better road experience. This gives you an elevated road holding and you can defy any type of road surface. The robust and large frame ensures that you hit the road with confidence. This makes the scooter ideal for commuting to work.

Powerful 3100W Bosch electric motor

The powerful and smart 3100W electric motor from Bosch will bring you to your destination in no time. The e-scooter can be set in three speed settings: e-save, dynamic and sport. With e-save you increase your range and in sport mode you have fast acceleration. The FOC Vector Controller monitors the electricity demand in the system and is connected to the electric motor and the braking system. This ensures that the e-scooter performs at peak level and that all available resources are used efficiently. With the high-quality braking system you stand still within 2.61 meters when you drive 30 km/h. The energy released from braking is regenerated into the battery, which charges it during braking.

2 different battery packs

The Niu MQi GT Nardo Gray is available as a moped (45 km/h) and has 2 different battery versions. The charging time of the Standard Range version is 4.5 hours and of the Extended Range 6 hours. The range differs per battery capacity. This depends on various influences, such as the wind and the weight of the driver. For the moped (45 km/h) variant, the Standard Range is up to 75 km and the Extended Range is up to 95 km.

Safe and well secured

Niu has paid a lot of attention to safety with the MQi-Series. The e-scooter is equipped with 360° lighting and an anti-theft system. The lighting consists of daytime running lights, an LED headlight, 270° sheathed rear light, automatic turn signals and hazard lights. This ensures that you are fully visible to other road users. With the advanced anti-theft system, you will be notified when:
- Your scooter is moved, including accurate live location data
- If someone bumps into or falls over your scooter
- If the scooter's battery is disconnected when it is locked

Connect to the Niu app

In addition to the anti-theft system, you can also check all kinds of vehicle parameters in the app, such as driving history, battery condition and power statistics. In summary, the Niu MQi GT Nardo Grey is the ideal e-scooter for daily commuting.

Make your Niu MQi GT complete

There are various accessories available for the Niu MQi GT that make it easier to use. There are different types of helmets available that protect your head well against possible head injuries. In addition, there are also many locks for your Niu MQi GT with which you can safely leave your Niu anywhere. It is important when choosing a lock that it meets the conditions of your insurance.

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  • Alarm
  • App
  • Battery Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity Standard range: 2976 Wh, Extended range: 4032 Wh
  • Battery range Standard Range: up to 75 km, Extended Range: up to 95 km
  • Brake system Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Brand Niu
  • Charging time Standard range: 4.5 hours, Extended range: 6 hours
  • Cruise control
  • Dimensions 1949 x 700 x 1171 mm (L x W x H)
  • Display
  • Lighting
  • Model MQi GT
  • Motor Hub motor (Bosch)
  • Motor position Rear wheel motor
  • Motor power 3100 watt
  • Top speed 45 km/h, 70 km/h
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 115 kg
  • Wheel size 14 inch
Pros and cons