Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti

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Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti
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Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti
Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti
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Order the Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti now and receive a free Hoverkart worth €59. This is a temporary deal that runs until 31 March 2023. There is a limited stock so gone = gone. You will not see the Hoverkart in your shopping cart or the invoice. This will be added automatically when your order is shipped.

Pros and cons

  • Two strong electric motors with 700W of power
  • Top speed of 15 km per hour
  • 15 km range
  • High-quality motherboard system from Taotao
  • LED lighting that makes you visible in the dark
  • Not suitable for off road terrain


With the safe and user-friendly Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti you can drive everywhere effortlessly. Experience new adventures with your friends and race through the streets just like Max Verstappen. The rubber profile tires make this hoverboard most suitable for paved roads. This hoverboard has 8 inch wheels which are slightly larger than the 6.5 inch, making the hoverboard easier to control.

Top speed of 15 km/h

The Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti is equipped with two powerful electric motors, each with a capacity of 350 watts. Together this results in a power source of 700 watts. This will let the Hoverboard easily drives up sidewalks and hills. The top speed is set at a safe 15 km/h.

Range up to 15 km

The Hoverboard 8 inch is equipped with a very strong Samsung lithium-ion battery. This has built-in protection via the high-quality battery management system. This protects the battery against overheating and overcharging. This allows you to charge and use the Hoverboard without any worries. The battery has a capacity of 158.4 Wh, so you can drive up to 15 km. The range depends on external factors such as driving speed and weight of the driver. This makes the Hoverboard suitable for smaller distances such as playing in the neighborhood or visiting friends.

Smooth and easy to use

You control the Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti easily and quickly by moving your body. Indicate by means of movements whether you want to move forward or backward and when you want to turn. The high-quality motherboard system from Taotao ensures optimal operation and that everything is properly controlled.

Can also be used in the dark

You can use the Hoverboard during the day and in the evening thanks to the high-quality LED lighting. The lighting is always on and ensures that you are clearly visible to other road users, preventing dangerous situations.

Including supplied hoverkart

When purchasing the Hoverboard 8 inch Graffiti you will temporarily receive a hoverkart which you can use to transform the Hoverboard into a kart. Mount the hoverkart on the Hoverboard and easily adjust it to the height of yourself or your child. Then you accelerate or brake with the levers. The lightweight material makes it very manoeuvrable and flexible in use.

Do you want to know more about hoverboards? Then read our hoverboard buying guide.

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Need help?

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  • App
  • Battery Lithium-ion (Samsung)
  • Battery capacity 158.4 Wh
  • Battery range Up to 15 km
  • Brand Hoverboard
  • Charger Stop function + UL certificate
  • Charging time 2 hours
  • Dimensions 590 x 230 x 210 mm (L x W x H)
  • Lighting
  • Model 8 inch
  • Motherboard system Taotao
  • Motor Hub motor
  • Motor power 700 watt (2x 350 watt)
  • Top speed 15 km/h
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 8.5 kg
  • Wheel size 8 inch
  • Wheel type Solid
Pros and cons