Return & exchanche

Frequently asked questions

How can I return my order?
  1. You can send the return to our store
  2. You can return the return in our store

Send to our store

  1. Download our online return form.
  2. Fill in the return form and add this with the invoice to the package.
  3. Pack the product well and securely with the original packaging. In this way the chance of damage is as small as possible.
  4. Return the package to a post office near you. The costs of this are at your own expense. You are responsible for damage or disappearance of the product. We therefore recommend that you send the package to us with a Track & Trace code.
  5. As soon as the package is with us, the purchase amount will be refunded within 3 working days to the account with which you paid.

Return to the store

Return the item to our store in Alkmaar and the purchase amount will be refunded as soon as possible to the account with which you paid. Not satisfied with your product? Or is it broken? That is annoying and we are going to do something about it.

What is the best way to pack my product for return?

Preferably use the original packaging. Otherwise, use another sturdy packaging. This way you minimize the chance of damage and we can make someone else happy with the product you ordered. Do you no longer have the original packaging at home? No man overboard. We examine the condition of the product you have returned and look for a solution together.

Did you pack the product properly? Print the shipping label and stick it on the box. Make sure that it cannot come loose with, for example, extra transparent tape.

How long can I return my order?

You have a cooling-off period of 30 days from the moment you receive the product. This means that your order must be returned within 30 days. You can also return the product to our store in Alkmaar.

What does it cost to return my product?

If you want to return a product, the shipping costs of returning it are for your own account. You can also return the package to our store in Alkmaar. You are responsible for the return journey yourself. That is why we recommend that you send the package with a Track & Trace code and that it is good until the product is with us.

How long does it take for my payment to be refunded?

1-3 business days

Where will my amount be refunded?

On the same account with which you placed the order.

My product is broken or damaged, what can I do?

We work with a carry-in guarantee. For more information, see our repair & maintenance page or our warranty conditions.

Can I exchange my product?

Do you want to exchange your product? No problem. Fill in the online return form and indicate which product you want to exchange. After receiving the product that you want to exchange, we will send the new product to you the same day.

What if I exchange my product for a cheaper or more expensive product?

Cheaper product: You will receive the remaining amount within 3 working days after the package has been delivered to us in the same way as you paid.

More expensive product: You will receive a payment request from us for the remaining amount. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send the new product to you.

What are Voltes' return conditions?
  • Returns or exchanges are only possible within 30 days.
  • The product must be new and unused.
  • The product must be undamaged.
  • No attempt has been made to restore a possible defect.
  • The product must be in its original packaging.
  • Can I return my product in store?

    You can also return the product to our store in Alkmaar.

    Why do I get less money back for my returned products?

    Then the product you have returned is no longer in its original condition. In this case, we determine the depreciation based on the condition of the product. The maximum depreciation is 25%. The final amount that you will receive back is based on several factors: Damage to the product, damage to the packaging and completeness of the product.