Ruff Cycles Lil Buddy, The Ruffian and Biggie: now for sale at Voltes!

Ruff Cycles Lil Buddy, The Ruffian and Biggie: now for sale at Voltes!
24 Aug 2022

Have you heard of the legendary e-bikes from Ruff Cycles? This e-bike brand from Germany is conquering the world. On their unique electric bikes, a result of German technology and American hip-hop design, you want to be seen. The 3 most popular models – Ruff Cycles the Ruffian, Lil Buddy and Biggie – are now for sale in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries.

The story behind Ruff Cycles

A passion for eye-catching, iconic and unconventional bikes. That's where it all started. Before the founders of Ruff Cycles started building e-bikes, they organized hip-hop parties to celebrate their love for the hip-hop lifestyle, beats and lyrics. Old school MTV video clips where stars like Missy Elliot, 2Pac, Biggie and Dr. Dre drove on so-called 'lowriders', were their biggest inspiration. Ten years later, Ruff Cycles - a hip-hop street culture lifestyle brand - is a fact.

Build in their own factory

Ruff Cycles produces the e-bikes in their own factory in Regensburg, Germany. German engineering is known for its top quality and the team behind Ruff Cycles knows that all too well. All e-bikes are equipped with a strong Bosch mid-drive motor. Choose between the Active Line motor, with a maximum pulling force of 40 Nm, and the Performance Line CX with a pulling force of no less than 85 Nm. The pulling force determines how quickly to accelerate and how easy it is to climb a slope. Believe us, 85 Nm is next level.

Luxurious Bosch components

In addition to the powerful electric motor, the battery is Bosch’s as well. The PowerPack battery in the Ruff Cycles Lil Buddy, Ruffian and Biggie is available in 300Wh or 500Wh. With 300Wh you reach maximum distances between 63 – 85 kilometers. Opt for 500Wh, and a distance of more than 100 kilometers is achievable.

The Bosch Powerpack Battery is hidden under the saddle and can be removed easily. Take the battery inside your home or office to charge or store it safely to prevent theft.

The Ruff Cycles Biggie has a nice extra: a Purion Bosch Display. Check useful information such as the current driving mode (5 different levels), the distance you have left to travel and your current speed. Quality and functionality on point!

Tough and retro

The Ruff Cycles Lil Buddy, Ruffian and Biggie stand out for their unique looks. The combination of thick tires, a strong aluminum frame and a large comfortable saddle makes them absolute musthaves. Like the engine, the aluminum frame is made in Ruff Cycles’ own factories in Germany and Bosnia and colored with powder coating. All saddles are made from real leather and adjust themselves automatically to the shape of your body for ultimate comfort. The saddle has a luxurious look – just like the rest of the bike. One thing’s for sure, on a Ruff Cycles e-bike you look stunning.

3 bikes, 3 styles

Ruff Cycles the Ruffian

A showstopper in red, white and/or black tones. The Ruff Cycles Ruffian is the most striking bike of the series. The steel 'tank' in the middle of the bike immediately catches the eye. The logo is printed pontifically in the center of the frame. The Ruffian is a unique e-bike that has no equal. No wonder Ruff Cycles crowned this model 'The Daddy Of All Ebikes'.

Ruff Cycles Lil'Buddy

‘Fun’ is the keyword of Lil'Buddy. The e-bike reminds you of those crazy mini bikes from the 70s. You don't just get from A to B, no: you get there all smiling. Your buddy, your bro, your best bud, that's Lil'Buddy in a nutshell. Whether you're tearing up the street or going off-road. Even in the Sahara you’ll have the time of your life. The Ruff Cycles Lil'Buddy has been extensively tested there. Take a look at this video and see for yourself.

Overview all Ruff Cycles models

The Ruffian Lil'Buddy Biggie
Aantal watt 250 watt 250 watt 250 watt
Topsnelheid 25 km/u 25 km/u 25 km/u
Accu Bosch PowerPack 300Wh (500Wh optioneel) Bosch PowerPack 300Wh (500Wh optioneel) Bosch PowerPack 300Wh (500Wh optioneel)
Actieradius 300Wh: tot 63 km 500Wh: tot 102 km 300Wh: tot 85 km 500Wh: tot 142 km 300Wh: tot 85 km 500Wh: tot 105 km
Remsysteem Shimano Hydraulische schijfremmen Shimano hydraulische schijfremmen Shimano hydraulische schijfremmen
Banden Ruff Cycles Cruzo Classic Kenda Krusade Sport Tyron
Wielmaat 26 inch 20 inch 26 inch
Oplaadtijd 300Wh: 1 tot 2,5 uur 500Wh: 2 tot 4 uur 300Wh: 1 tot 2,5 uur 500Wh: 2 tot 4 uur 300Wh: 1 tot 2,5 uur 500Wh: 2 tot 4 uur
Vering Nee Nee Nee
App Nee Nee Nee
Verlichting Ja Optioneel Ja
Spatborden Ja Optioneel Optioneel

New: Lil'Missy - the first e-bike for women!

Yes, he (or she!) is coming: Lil'Missy, an e-bike especially for women. Which makes Ruff Cycles a frontrunner in the electric fatbike market. The graceful design in feminine colors makes Ruff Cycles Lil'Missy attractive to both tough women and city fashionistas. Soon available at Voltes. Keep an eye on our website to stay informed!

Ruff Cycles for sale at Voltes

Voltes has the honor of being a legitimate Ruff Cycles dealer. Check out the Ruff Cycles Ruffian, Lil'Buddy and Biggie now in our webshop. Or come by for a free test drive. Any questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us via +31850013151 or send an email to We’re happy to help!