Phatfour Bike: Unique Dutch Design

Phatfour Bike: Unique Dutch Design
23 Dec 2021

The Phatfour Bike is an e-bike that has been developed by a group of 3 friends from Amsterdam. The guys from Phatfour shared the opinion that in the current market of electric bikes, something was missing. Therefore they decided to join forces to develop a contemporary e-bike under the name Phatfour.

Phatfour Bike Design

The design of the Phatfour is based on the Simplex motorcycle from 1906. Simplex was a Dutch steelworking company that produced cars, bicycles and motorcycles in the early 20th century. The end result is remarkable because the Phatfour Bike with its raw look, wide tires, high handlebar and leather saddle is quite a unique e-bike. At 95 cm, the saddle height is relatively high when compared to the a comparable e-bike, such as Super 73.

Many users say the slightly higher saddle height is a big advantage. The height makes the Phatfour Bike ideal for people with lenghts ranging between 170 and 200 cm. The fact that the Phatfour Bike is produced entirely in the Netherlands with Dutch craftsmanship makes the bike so unique. The high-quality steel of the Phatfour Bike comes from the Dutch company Tata Steel and is then bent and welded into a frame by Dutch craftsmen. After this, the rest of the bike is assembled by experienced craftsmen from the Netherlands. Phatfour has the complete production process under its own management. Because of this, they made a real Made-in-Holland product of which quality is more than guaranteed.

Two men on a Phatfour E-bike

Phatfour Bike Specifications

  • The Phatfour Bike comes with a powerful 250 watt motor in the rear wheel. Therefore it's top-speed of 25 km/h is reached within seconds. The rear wheel drive provides a sporty and natural feeling while driving. In addition to the engine, the gears ensure that steep hills are no problem at all.
  • The Phatfour Bike comes with a 470Wh battery which is interchangeable. A larger battery of 630Wh is also available. Depending on the battery and driving style, the range is between 40 and 80 kilometers.
  • The Phatfour Bike is equipped with wide Kenda 20x4 tires which give a strong and stable feeling while driving. The tires are wide enough for any tram track or sidewalk.
  • Due to EU rules, the top speed is limited to 25 km/h. It is possible to reach 32 km/h with US settings.
  • The large headlight gives the bike something extra. It also makes sure you can see everything around you in the dark and with the headlight you're clearly visible for others as well.
  • The display shows the current speed and the status of the battery.


Because of the raw design, high saddle and the wide tires the Phatfour boys succeeded in making a unique e-bike. In addition to the quality of the Dutch craft, the Phatfour Bike also has all the required functions. Riding the bike gives a great experience and makes traveling from A to B a lot more fun.