Koowheel Kooboard review

Koowheel Kooboard review
27 Dec 2021

Koowheel is a professional Chinese manufacturer that has been active in consumer electronics since 2009. Koowheel has its own research and development team which has already developed many new technologies and products. For example, they have their own hoverboards, electric skateboards, electric scooters and hovershoes. Koowheel products are known for their good price/quality ratio. They make good quality products at an affordable price. This has enabled Koowheel to become a major player worldwide which is active in many countries.

Koowheel Kooboard

The Koowheel Kooboard is the newest electric skateboard from Koowheel. They started to develop electric skateboards in 2016. The first model was the Koowheel D3M and this was a great board but there were several problems which were later solved with an improved version of the Koowheel D3M. This improved version was a great success worldwide and Koowheel continued to develop and improve the technology of their electric skateboard. After Koowheel had received a lot of feedback from customers, they went through all the improvements and came up with a new model, the Koowheel Kooboard. This new model is a big difference compared to the old Koowheel D3M. The following changes were implemented:

  • Design has changed
  • Battery capacity has changed
  • Remote control has changed
  • Motherboard has been adjusted
  • Motors/wheels have become larger


The design of the Koowheel Kooboard has been drastically changed compared to the Koowheel D3M. The Koowheel Kooboard is only available in the black-on-black color. The deck and the other components are all black. The exterior of the wheels have a chrome color with motif which makes them look like rims and this is nicely combined with the black color of the complete board. Furthermore, the deck consists of 7 layers of maple wood which ensures that the board reduces the vibrations from irregularities in the road surface and therefore you can ride comfortably. The battery is tightly covered under the deck so you hardly see that the skateboard is electric. The construction of the battery is made for easily slide out the battery and insert a new full battery. This allows you to make extra large trips when you insert an extra battery.

Koowheel electric skateboard


The Kooboard has a Samsung Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5.5Ah. You can drive up to 15 kilometers with this battery and larger distances are also possible when you drive slower. It is just as with a car, the more gas you give the more fuel you use. The battery is equipped with a protection rubber to prevent short circuit caused by water.

Remote control

The remote control of the Koowheel Kooboard has been improved in many ways compared to the old remote control. The complete design has changed and you now have a strap on the back which ensures that the remote control stays in your hand while driving. Furthermore, you can now also see how full the battery is of the electric skateboard and the remote control itself. On the side of the remote control there is a slide to adjust the electric skateboard in the forward or reverse direction. This allow you to drive reverse if necessary. The control of the remote works with the joystick which you can push forward or backward for give gas or brake, it is very easy. The remote control has an integrated battery which you can charge within 30 minutes by the supplied USB-cable. This means you do not have to buy and install separate batteries each time.

koowheel kooboard remote


The Koowheel Kooboard is equipped with 2 hub motors in the rear wheels. These types of engines are always in the wheel itself and you also see them a lot by electric bikes and hoverboards. The hub motors of the Kooboard are 350watts each and you notice that while driving. The Koowheel quickly pulls up and in no time you drive 40km/h. An additional advantage of hub motors is that they have a regenerative braking system. This means that the released energy while braking will be stored in the battery. In this way you reuse the electricity and you can drive a bit further. If your battery is empty you can also use the electric skateboard as normal skateboard because hub motors have no resistance. You also don't have maintenance on a hub motor because everything is integrated in the wheel. The wheel which cover the hub motor has a diameter of 97mm and that ensures that you ride comfortably over stones and sidewalks. When the wheel itself is worn, you can easily replace it with the handy system that Koowheel has developed. After loosening 6 bolts you can slide the wheel of the hub motor and place a new wheel. At purchase there are standard 2 extra wheels so you can replace them if they are worn.

truck koowheel kooboard


The motherboard of the Koowheel Kooboard can be seen as the main computer, all electrical components are connected to this. The motherboard connects via bluetooth with the remote to exchange information. This information will be processed and the motherboard asks for a certain amount of power from the battery which will be forwarded to the motors and they start to run at a certain speed. The motherboard is a piece of high technology that Koowheel has developed itself. The motherboard also has a special coating which reduces the risk of water damage. Charging the Koowheel Kooboard also goes via the motherboard and there is a DC charging port on the side where you plug the charger. The charging port is provided with a protective rubber to prevent dirt or water.

Overview specifications Koowheel Kooboard

Brand Koowheel
Model Kooboard
Motor Dual drive hub motor
Motor power 700 watts (2x 350 watts)
Top speed 40 km/h (tested with GPS)
Battery Samsung lithium-ion | 36V/5,5Ah
Battery range Up to 15 km (tested with GPS)
Wheel size 97 mm
Hill grade 25 %
Braking system Electronic regenerative braking
Deck 7-ply Canadian maple wood
Dimensions 90 cm x 22 cm (LxW)
Weight 7,3 kg
Maximum load 130 kg

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