Hoverboard Cart

Hoverboard Cart
22 Dec 2021

A hoverboard cart is also called a hovercart and is the most populair accessory of the hoverboard. Especially with kids the hoverboard cart has become very populair the last couple years. Although you don't literally hover, hoverboards give you the feeling of gliding through the air.

A lot of people think that standing up is the only way to ride a hoverboard. The standing way is fun but can become boring after a while. A hoverboard cart is therefore the perfect alternative. But what is a hoverboard cart exactly and why do parents often think of it as a valuable addition to the hoverboard?

What is a hoverboard cart?

A hoverboard cart turns your hoverboard into a cart quickly and easy. Normally you control the hoverboard by body movements. With a hoverboard cart this can now be done by moving levers forwards and backwards. Thanks to these levers, making turns or rounds is very smooth and easy. The hoverboard cart is easy to assemble and remove. Therefore you can choose whether you want to stand or sit on your hoverboard. The hoverboard cart gives you extra options. Especially for children, this provides a lot of extra fun.

Installation of the hoverboard cart

The installation of the hoverboard cart is very easy. The seat is attached to the pressure pads of the hoverboard. With the levers on both sides you can then accelerate or brake. You can adjust the hoverboard cart to the length of your legs. This ensures a comfortable driving experience and makes a hoverboard cart suitable for different ages. In addition, the mounting of the hoverboard cart is adjustable so that you can attach it to all types of hoverboards.

Why do parents pick hoverboard carts for their kids

Not everyone agrees that controlling a hoverboard is easy. Children often have to practice before they get the hang of driving a hoverboard. By using a hoverboard cart, practicing becomes much easier. Using a hoverboard cart is therefore not only a lot of fun but also safer. Safety is for many parents the main reason to go for a hoverboard cart. Kids will be seated and much closer to the ground. Therefore the risk of getting injured is a lot lower.

The quality of a hoverboard cart

There are a lot of different hoverboard carts. It is therefore wise to take a good look at the quality of the various hoverboard carts. Especially the quality of the seat and wheels is important.

Quality of the seat

There are two different types of hoverboard cart seats. The seats either made of foam or plastic. Our advice is to always go for a hoverboard cart with a plastic seat. This is because plastic seats are way stronger and usually come with a backrest. In addition, ensure a hoverboard cart with a seat that is adjustable in length.

Quality of the wheels

In addition to the seat, it is wise to pay attention to the quality of the wheels. Carts with low quality often have small wheels. These smaller wheels are made of plastic. Plastic wears much faster than rubber. High-quality carts usually have a somewhat larger rubber wheel. They often come with a TPR front wheel. This is made from a special type of rubber and is widely used for castors.


A hoverboard cart is the perfect combination of fun and safety. Kids usually pick a hoverboard cart because it is a lot of fun to turn a hoverboard into a racing cart. Parents pick a hoverboard cart for safety reasons. Kids will be lower to the ground and they can easily control the hoverboard. Therefore we advice all hoverboard users to give the hoverboard cart a try.