Everything you need to know about the Segway-Ninebot Gokart

Everything you need to know about the Segway-Ninebot Gokart
30 Mar 2022

If you’re very much into Formula 1, you’re in for a treat. The well-known electric vehicle brand Segway-Ninebot brings us 3 different Gokarts with each their own signature features: the Ninebot Gokart Kit, the Ninebot Gokart Pro and yes, even an original Lamborghini edition. A Gokart is exactly what it sounds like – a ‘kart’ to dominate the road with, at full speed. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about these 3 speed demons!

Girl and guy riding a Segway-Ninebot Gokart Kit

1: Ninebot Gokart Kit

Transform your Ninebot S or Mini Pro into a Gokart

The first ever released Gokart was the Segway-Ninebot Gokart Kit. The name ‘kit’ refers to the way this Ninebot Gokart is built. The Gokart Kit is not a ready-to-go speed machine, but merely a package that consists of different essential elements. To turn the Gokart Kit into an actual Gokart you need a Segway-Ninebot S or a Mini Pro. The Ninebot S and Mini Pro are self-balancing electric scooters with two wheels. They need to be purchased separately, and are available in our webshop. As soon as you have transformed all the necessary parts into a Ninebot Gokart, you’re ready to race. Yess!

Segway-Ninebot Gokart Kit transformation

3 different riding modes

Choose between 3 different driver styles. Is it the first time you ever touch an Electric Gokart? Start with 5mph. A bit more confident already? In that case you can start with the standard driving speed, which is approximately 11mph. For those who are ready to go full speed there’s the sporty mode. In this mode you easily reach 15mph.

Powerful engine

With 2 engines, each good for a maximum of 800w and 15 mph top speed, you’re going to be blown away by its power. The power of the Gokart’s engine won’t go unnoticed while riding.

Reverse enabled

Unlike most go karts, the Ninebot Gokart Kit comes equipped with the ability to go in reverse. Once at a complete stop, quickly tap the brake pedal twice and the Gokart is now in reverse. When stopped, tap it twice again to go forward.

A dreamtoy for kids & adults

Too old for a Ninebot Gokart? Not at all. The Ninebot Gokart Kit is designed for all ages (8 years and older). The frame and steering wheel are adjustable and fit riders between 4’ 5” to 6’ 3” (130 cm – 190 cm). The maximum payload is 220 pounds (100 kg). Enough room to take your son on your lap next round!

Father and son building a Segway-Ninebot Gokart Kit

Safety first

A sense of safety is most important when you’re riding in a kart. And more importantly, when your kids are playing. That’s why safety has been playing a key role in the development of the Ninebot Gokart Kit. The outer part of the Gokart is covered in a plastic layer designed to absorb energy during a collision to effectively reduce the impact force. The inner layer utilizes a steel main beam to provide high-strength protection for, and prevent deformation of, the scooter body.

The double braking system ensures more safety in case of an emergency of electronic brake malfunction.

More benefits of the Ninebot Gokart Kit

  • The non-inflatable hollow tires are easy to maintain and make for an enjoyable ride thanks to the excellent drainage capacity.
  • The Ninebot Gokart Kit is easy to assemble. Simply strap the parts on your Ninebot S, adjust you Gokart to your height and take off.
  • Convenient and portable. This electric Ninebot kart fits in the trunk of most cars so you can bring it wherever you want to ride.
  • Equipped with a mechanical handbrake as a braking alternative to the electric braking system.
  • Fun for kids (and adults) of all ages!

2: Ninebot Gokart PRO

Next level race experience

With the Ninebot Gokart Pro, Segway takes the Gokart game to another level. For 2 years, the Segway-Ninebot Gokart Pro has been tested by a professional Gokart racer. And it shows. The Gokart PRO, which is contrary to the Ninebot Gokart Kit available in one piece, has everything you can wish for in a race kart and more.

Segway-Ninebot Gokart Pro racing

Formula 1-inspired design

What else to get inspiration from than actual top race cars themselves? The design of the Ninebot Gokart PRO is inspired by Formula 1. The result is a stunning electric cart that will let passengers walking by behind in awe. The Segway-Ninebot Gokart PRO even won 4 major global design awards. Do we need to say more?

An extra 4th driving mode

Next to the 3 riding styles you get at the Gokart Kit, the Gokart PRO introduces a 4th one that honors its name: the Race mode. The maximum speed is 23mph. We would advise you to only take it to this top speed limit once you already feel comfortable enough cruising at lower speeds.

Segway-Ninebot Gokart Pro Modes

Drift like a pro

If the top speed of the Gokart Pro doesn’t already excite you to the bones, its drifting feature will certainly do. The electric Ninebot PRO kart is equipped with all the (technical) elements needed for drifting on the road like a pro. Goosebumps all over.

Bluetooth speaker with racing sounds

The developers of the Ninebot Gokart PRO wanted to deliver more than just a race kart. They wanted us to feel like we’re part of a Formula 1 race. The whole experience, all senses involved. That’s why the Ninebot Gokart PRO comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers for various race sounds. Use the app to choose your favorite. It’s also possible to use the speakers for playing music while you ride. To be fair, this feature truly does it for us, and makes the Ninebot pro kart the ultimate electric race vehicle.

More benefits of the Ninebot Gokart PRO

  • The Ninebot Gokart PRO has built-in triple anti-collision protection, including a sturdy steel frame, which prevents the kart from losing its shame during a collision.
  • Thanks to the automatic hold system the Gokart PRO doesn’t slip when it’s parked on a slope.
  • Everything is inspired by true race-cars, even its metal foot pedals.
  • The racer seat has side bolsters that provide riders with maximum support during aggressive driving.
  • The Ninebot Gokart PRO is just as easily collapsible and portable as the Gokart Kit.

3: Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini edition

A unique chance to ride a true Lamborghini

Chinese company Xiaomi and the world-famous Lamborghini decided to collaborate on designing a unique Gokart: the Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini edition. The Lamborghini kart is characterized by its iconic “Giallo Orion” color.

Segway-Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini Edition with Lamborghini car

Fastest Ninebot Gokart of the series

With a top speed of 25mph, the Ninebort Gokart PRO Lamborghini edition is the fastest of the group. It takes you on the road up to 9mph in one battery. Even drifting reaches new heights: the special tires make sure your drifting and overall ride experience make you want to cheer from excitement.

Lamborghini logo

The Lambo Gokart wouldn’t be a Lamborghini if the famous logo wouldn’t be noticeable. The logo is covered on different sides of the kart, in different shapes and sizes. Every Ninebot x Lamborghini comes with a special metal plate with its own chassis number. Not bad, right? All in all, the look and feel of this kart is phenomenal.

All the specs

Compare the Gokarts by taking a closer look at the specifications of the Ninebot Gokart Kit and the Ninebot Gokart PRO in the graphic below.

Segway-Ninebot Gokart Kit and Gokart Pro Comparison

In short

We can't ignore it, the Segway-Ninebot Gokarts are one of our favorites! This is more than a toy; drifting, high top speed, fantastic sound, formula 1 look, safety and also electric. Do you want to experience how these karts drive after reading this article? Come by for a free test ride and imagine yourself for a moment in the life of Max Verstappen.