Looking for an electric scooter for your child? Pay attention to this

Looking for an electric scooter for your child? Pay attention to this
16 Aug 2022

What is an electric children's scooter?

What’s in a name: an electric children's scooter is a scooter for children with an electric motor. The scooter is light-weighted and easy to ride. Your child gets ahead by stepping his or her feet on the ground while riding and gets help from the motor. Or by pressing the throttle, without having to push off the feet.

Child and dad with electric scooter

Difference between an electric scooter for children and adults

An electric scooter for children differs from an e-step for adults. You can mainly see the differences in:

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximum distance you can cover
  • Extra functions (such as a display or compatible app on your phone)

An electric child scooter is easy to understand. For example, it doesn't have a companion smartphone app where you can track speed and battery status.

An e-step for adults often does. An electric scooter for adults is also a lot heavier and larger than an electric scooter for your child.

Furthermore, an electric scooter for adults has a throttle that you can press. An e-step for children does not always have that. For safety reasons, the motor on some scooters only works to add power when your child pushes off with his or her feet.

Which children's scooter for which age?

There is a children's scooter for every age.

Children's scooter for 2 – 6 years

A children's scooter for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 years is not electric. That's too dangerous. Look for a children's scooter with 3 wheels so your toddler or preschooler stays safely on the scooter. Tip: opt for a children's scooter for 2 years or older with a seat for maximum fun.

Children's scooter for 6 – 10 years

For children between 6 and 10 years there are simple, child-friendly electric children's scooters for sale. Like the Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter Zing A6. With the cool green color, mood lighting in the front wheel and the footboard, you can be sure your child will stand out among the other children on the playground!

The scooter only moves forward by stepping itself and gets help from the motor. Braking is easy by standing on the rear fender. When doing so, the children's scooter for 6 years or older slowly comes to a stop.

Electric scooter for children

Children's scooter for 8 – 14 years

An electric scooter for children between 8 and 14 years old is sturdier and can go faster. The Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter Zing C10, for example, is perfect for those just starting out with scooters, but also for adventurous children.

The scooter has 3 different speed settings so every child rides safely. In Safe mode you drive 10 km/h, in Turbo mode 16 km/h and in Cruise mode you only get help from the motor when using your feet to move forward. The battery is charged within 2.5 hours, which gives you up to 10 km of driving pleasure.

Children's scooter for 10+ years

Is your child older than 10 years? In that case you want to buy a slightly larger, sturdier e-step for children. Preferably an e-step your child can ride some extra miles with. For example to the football field.

With the Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter Zing C20, your teenager rides at a maximum speed of 16 km/h up to 20 km. This way your daughter or son can easily scooter to friends. The tires are made of solid rubber so they won’t go flat. Thanks to red with black accents, the electric children's scooter looks fast and cool.

Electric scooters for children

Buying an electric scooter for my child, what should I pay attention to?

You want to buy an e-scooter for your child? A few things to keep in mind.


A child naturally grows like a weed. So you want an e-step that’s suitable for the age phase your child is in. Length plays an important role here. The handlebars should be approximately no lower than 2-5 centimeters below the navel. We recommend to first measure the approximate height of the handlebars before ordering an e-step.


The same goes for age. Many electric children's scooters give an indication of the age the scooter is suitable for. Keep this in mind when choosing a scooter.

Pneumatic tires or hard wheels

Most electric children's scooters have solid wheels. These are hard wheels that cannot puncture. Children's e-scooters with pneumatic tires are for sale as well. Pneumatic tires ride more comfortably with fewer shocks, but have the chance to go flat. What’s your choice?

With handbrake, lights and more

Decide in advance which features the children's scooter should have. Does the children's scooter need to have a handbrake? Do you think it’s important that the children's scooter has lights? By Considering these things in advance, you won't be faced with surprises afterwards.

Electric scooter for children


What about the regulations? Especially since these are scooters for children, it is good to mention that they are currently (2022) not yet officially allowed on public roads in the Netherlands. However, this is usually tolerated as long as you adhere to the normal traffic rules. The use on playgrounds or skate parks is permitted as this is not a road. When purchasing an electric scooter for children, it is therefore good to discuss this with the child. Do you want to know more about the current regulations? You can read more about this in our article everything about electric scooters. Now you know:

  • What an electric children's scooter is
  • Which scooter you should get for which age
  • What you should pay attention to when buying an electric scooter for children

But… which e-scooter is the best? We’ll tell you!

The best electric children's scooter today

The best electric scooter for kids are definitely the Segway-Ninebot Zing C-Series models. This series consists of 3 great children's e-steps. Each scooter is suitable for a different height and age.

The Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter Zing C8, C10 and C20 all have:

  • 3 different speed settings
  • A strong double tube frame
  • A maximum speed of 16 km/h
  • Solid rubber tires for more grip

Furthermore, all scooters can withstand water splashes. The Segway-Ninebot C10 is the only one in the series to have blue and red mood lighting under the footboard. Awesome!

Where can I buy a children's e-step?

If you want to buy an electric scooter for your child, Voltes is the right place. Feel free to drop by for a free test drive with your son or daughter and try out the new Segway-Ninebot Zing A6, C8, C10 or C20. Or surprise your niece or nephew with an e-scooter as a birthday present!

Would you rather view the models online first? Discover the best electric scooters for children now in our webshop!