Eysing: retro e-mopeds with tomorrow’s technology

Eysing: retro e-mopeds with tomorrow’s technology
24 May 2022

Eysing’s retro e-moped is an electric vehicle with the magical charm of a time gone by. On the road, these electric mopeds not only make the driver smile, but also leave passers-by in awe. What makes the e-mopeds of this rising Dutch manufacturer and brand so unique?

A brand with a story

Founder Alain van Dijk and Rik Smits started Eysing back in 2017. This Dutch company stems from the dream of combining the retro design of a legendary Dutch motorcycle with tomorrow’s technology.

Already from an early age, van Dijk has been drawing numerous cars and motorcycles. Now, years later, his childhood fantasy to bring his own designs to life has finally come true.

Whether it’s designing, developing, building or selling: the Eysing team does everything themselves. No detail is being overlooked. They take pride in creating high-quality, sustainable and well-designed products. And we can see why.

Inspired by heritage

The name of the brand doesn’t come out of the blue.

Eysing and its retro-but-modern electric mopeds are highly inspired by the legendary Dutch car and motorcycle manufacturer Eysink. Eysink was founded in 1886 and has won many awards for its outstanding race cars and motorcycles.

For international pronunciation, Eysing made a subtle change by replacing the “K” in Eysink. According to Eysing, this subtle change establishes a clear difference between the past and the future.

From prototype to final product

When the Dutch start-up was founded in 2017, there was still a lot to be done.

The development of the first Eysing e-moped took several years. According to Van Dijk, it was “testing, testing and more testing”.

After achieving a proof of concept, building several prototypes and testing these for tens of thousands of kilometers, the first 100 pre-ordered e-mopeds were being sold in their own network. The development process took about 18 months.

As of now, Eysing’s final retro e-moped can be admired and ordered in the Voltes showroom in Alkmaar by whoever is interested in riding this unique and head-turning vehicle.

The original retro e-moped

The first official Eysing product that’s been for sale since November 2020 is the Eysing Pioneer.

The Eysing Pioneer is an electric e-moped that’s designed with passion and care. No expense nor effort has been spared, and it’s reflected in the astonishing end result.

Each Eysing Pioneer contains:

  • special wide rims
  • an electric hub motor in the rear wheel
  • seperate tires
  • custom made spokes
  • leather saddle

The leather that’s used for the Eysing saddle is from the same factory that covers the leather seats of Ferrari cars. Talking about quality!

3 different models

The Eysing Pioneer, named after the process of 'pioneering' during the creation of the retro e-moped, comes in 3 different versions: the Pioneer, the Pioneer S and the Pioneer S Exclusive.

The Eysing Pioneer

The original Eysing Pioneer radiates individualism, freedom and durability.

With a powerful 1500 Watt motor and removable 1720Wh battery, a drive through the streets of the city center becomes a treat. The maximum distance you can ride on a full battery is no less than 80 km (25 or 45 km/h).

Is the battery empty? Within 8 hours it’s fully charged again. With the Eysing fast charger it only takes 4 hours.

This original model of the Pioneer is available in 3 different colors. The leather seat leaves room for a passenger, which makes the Eysing Pioneer the perfect vehicle for a carefree weekend roadtrip.

The Eysing Pioneer S

The Eysing Pioneer S is the sports version of the Pioneer.

In terms of driving experience and design, the Eysing Pioneer S is even more refined, minimalist and has a sportier look than the original. The saddle is also slightly shorter, as the Pioneer S puts more focus on the rider.

The Eysing Pioneer S has a 2000 Watt motor. On a full battery, you ride the Pioneer S up to a maximum of 80 km/h.

With more color options and high-end finishing touches than the original Pioneer, the Pioneer S can be turned into the perfect personalized e-moped.

The Eysing Pioneer S Exclusive

This is the most luxurious e-moped in the series.

In addition to the strong engine, the Pioneer S Exclusive distinguishes itself by the luxurious chrome mudguard. The matching 66cm steel wheels are also unique to this model.

Turning heads guaranteed when you ride this exclusive e-moped through the city.

The Pioneer S Exclusive is produced in 4 distinctive colors that give the e-moped a strong vintage look. The model is only produced in small quantities, which makes it even more exclusive.

Connect with your smartphone

The Eysing Pioneer can be linked to the Eysing Connect app (available for Android and iOS).

With the app, you’re always able to check the location of your e-moped. You’re the only one in charge of its GPS system. In the event of theft, or when your Pioneer is missing, you use the app to support the authorities in bringing your e-moped back.

Should I buy the Eysing Pioneer?

Eysing focuses on customers who want to travel through the city in style, on a sustainable unique vehicle, while experiencing ultimate freedom and looking sophisticated. The Eysing Pioneer is the perfect means of transport for those who are willing to pay for it.

Did you, like us, become very enthusiastic about this upcoming Dutch brand? And would you like to see more of Eysing’s unique retro e-mopeds?

From now on, all models of the Eysing Pioneer are available at Voltes. Visit us in Alkmaar to admire the Pioneer in our store.