Birth of the Hoverboard

Birth of the Hoverboard
24 Dec 2021

The hoverboard was invented in 2014 by the American Shane Chen. This man is a true inventor and has invented also the monowheel. Shane Chen had forgotten to apply for a patent, which caused an enormous growth of Chinese factories that produced hoverboards. In 2015, the hoverboard became known by the mass public and that was because many world famous stars were seen on hoverboards. Justin Bieber, Christiano Ronaldo, Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, John Legend and even Enzo Knol where be spotted on a hoverboard.

Shane Chen inventor hoverboard

Shane Chen (inventor hoverboard)

What is a hoverboard?

The hoverboard has many different names such as smart balancing wheel, balance board and oxboard. The name hoverboard is used the most and this is also the general name. You can see a hoverboard as a small version of the Segway without a steering wheel. The hoverboard works entirely on body movements and balance. When you lean forward, you drive forward and when you lean backwards, you drive backwards. You can also turn by pushing your left or right foot. The top speed of a hoverboard is 15km/h and the range is 15 up to 20km. The range depends on the weight of the driver and the surface you are driving on.

What can you do with a hoverboard?

The hoverboard was originally developed as a toy for children. In practice it is also used by adults and business purposes. For example, hoverboards are often used to bridge the distances in large warehouses. The hoverboard is not only a fun factor but also a practical way of transport to go from A to B. You can do groceries with the hoverboard or just visit someone, the hoverboard can be used by anyone and everywhere. Riding on a hoverboard can be learned within 10 minutes. Even people without any sense of direction or balance master it in no-time. Riding on a hoverboard is like cycling, once you have learned it you will never unlearn it. A nice advantage is that a hoverboard runs on electricity and you don't have high costs of petrol or road tax.

Kids driving a hoverboard