How to maintain your scooter: 5 easy tips

How to maintain your scooter: 5 easy tips
24 May 2022

Do you own an electric scooter? Or are you planning to buy one? If yes, we have some great news. An e-scooter is one of the easiest means of transport to maintain. Nonetheless, these electric vehicles do need your attention and care every now and then. By doing so you’re assured of years of fun. So, how to maintain your e-scooter? These 5 simple tips got you covered!

Tip 1: Clean your e-step

After two weeks of riding your e-scooter, you suddenly see lots of dirt on the frame. Time to do something about it. In other words, the first step in maintaining your e-step is to clean it.

One small caution though. While some electric scooters are waterproof, like the Segway Kickscooter IP67, we highly recommend to be carefull with water. After all, water and electricity are not a great combi. It’s best to clean your e-scooter with a damp cleaning cloth. If that’s not sufficient, use a good cleaning spray, like Dettol.

Spray tiny bits on your e-scooter and wipe it evenly over the frame and other dirty parts. Go on until the whole e-scooter is clean. Optional: use an old towel.

Make sure you won’t get any water in the electric parts of the e-scooter. Same for the batteries.

Tip 2: Check the tires

Your tires might be lacking air from time to time. This has a negative on the range and speed of the e-scooter. Just like with a bike, car or motorbike, the tires need to be inflated. Use a simple bicycle pump for this.

So make sure the air pressure of your tires is always sufficient, by checking it regularly. Often you can read the recommended pressure on the sides of the tires, elsewhere on the electric scooter in the manual.

Do you want to prevent your tires from getting flat altogether? Choose solid tires. These might be less comfortable, but never go flat. Take a closer look at these tires for damage and wear once a month.

Tip 3: be gentle with the battery

Are you the type of person who waits till the very last moment, when the lights have been flickering for ages or turned red a while ago, before taking action and charge the battery? Or are you the better-safe-than-sorry-type who charges his or her stuff always in time?

Whatever group you’re a part of, for good maintenance of your e-scooter it’s essential to not let the battery die completely. As this would eventually lead to a shorter lifespan of the lithium battery. Your rides would get shorter and shorter.

Next to not fully deplete your batteries we advise you to:

  • not leave the e-scooter at the battery charger for too long
  • not charge too often
  • prevent overheating

To prevent overheating, you first let your electric scooter cool down after the drive. After a short while it’s safe to plug the scooter on the charger.

When you overlook these actions it ultimately effects the batteries lifespan - it may even crash. And replacing the battery of an electric scooter is not cheap… That’s why you want to make sure to look well after it!

Tip 4: inspect the brakes regularly

To make sure you’re safe & sound when riding your e-scooter, you should regularly inspect your brakes.

How? Ride your e-step a few meters on the road in front of your house, or at another spot where you can easily do a brake-check.

Press the handbrakes. Is something off, funny, not working properly? For example, your brakes don’t make you stop soon enough? That might indicate you need to change the brake pads. By noticing this in time you can take action when you need to. And continue to have carefree rides.

Are you the proud owner of a Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30? In that case you check your tires in a different way, by regularly adjusting the brakes.

Tip 5: screwing & lubricating your e-scooter

The cherry on top when it comes to the maintenance of your e-scooter? To screw & lubricate the flexible parts, like the folding system. This way your e-scooter stays smooth & sturdy.

Tip: don’t tight the screws too tightly. This might damage elements of your electric scooter.

Finally, make sure you don’t put lubricant on the brake pads. It would damage the brakes.

Bonus tip for maintenance of your e-scooter

Take the weather into account.

Most electric scooters are not 100% waterproof. Which makes sense, as an e-step has an electric ‘engine’ - and electricity and water don’t mix well. If you want to make sure your e-scooter stays in top condition, skip a heavy rain shower.

Good to know: the colder it gets, the more the range decreases. In other words, don’t go out with your e-step when it’s freezing.

Annual service

We recommend all electric scooter owners to get their e-scooters checked by a professional at least once a year. This extensive check will make sure you get back on the road safely, with a an e-scooter that looks brand new. When you skip this annual service, you run the risk of overlooking serious damage.

Is it time for an annual check? Contact our customer service today to schedule an appointment.

Need to repair your electric scooter?

Leave the repair of your Segway or Xiaomi e-step to Voltes. We only use original and high-quality parts. On our repairpage you find an overview of all the different sorts of repairs we carry out. Prices include scooterparts, assembly and VAT. As a bonus we provide a standard warranty on the repair. You can come and pick up and enjoy your fixed e-scooter after the repair is done or we will send it back to you.