Hoverboard repair

Hoverboard repair
23 Dec 2021

Is your hoverboard defective and do you want to have it repaired? Then you are at the right place by Voltes. We are the specialist in hoverboard repair. We have a team of technical experts who are trained to do all types of hoverboard repairs. We can also repair all types of hoverboards. It does not matter which brand or model hoverboard you have. We have all parts of the hoverboard in stock so we can repair your hoverboard immediately and quickly.

Hoverboard repairs

There are many different types of hoverboard defects. The most common hoverboard problems are motherboard or battery defects. Also sensorboard and broken frames are common problems. We only use original and high-quality parts for repair. This ensures that your hoverboard will not be defective again after a few weeks, but will last for years.

The costs for a hoverboard repair depends on what is defective. Often we can indicate what is faulty on the basis of a problem description or video of the hoverboard. Below is a list with some examples of hoverboard repairs.

Battery replacement
Battery holder replacement
Motherboard set replacement
Motherboard replacement
Sensorboard replacement
Led lights replacement
Indicator lights replacement
Charger port replacement
On/off button replacement
Frame replacement
Wheel replacement
Rubber pad replacement
Shell replacement

We do also many more types of hoverboard repairs, please contact us. For the repair of your hoverboard you can visit us or you can send the hoverboard to us.

Visit us for repair

When you want to visit us for a hoverboard repair it is important that you make an appointment. Then we can plan the time needed for the repair and the repairer can help you immediately when you come by. The average repair time of a hoverboard is about 30 minutes. You can wait for the repair on the spot but you can also leave the hoverboard to pick it up at a later moment.

Send for repair

It is also possible to send your hoverboard to us for repair. This is ideal if you do not live nearby us or have time to visit us. After repair, we will send the hoverboard free of charge back to you.

Sign up hoverboard repair

For a quick and correct sign up, a video of the problem has our preference because then we have an idea of ​​the problem and can see in which direction the problem is. Sometimes we can also estimate the repair costs based on the movie. Contact us for this.