Top 5 Electric Scooter Accessories

Top 5 Electric Scooter Accessories
02 Nov 2022

Do you have an electric scooter and are you looking for accessories that make it easier or more fun to use? Or are you considering buying an e-step and are you curious about the best accessories? In this article we discuss the top 5 accessories that you should not miss.

1. Lock

A big advantage of an electric scooter is that it is easy to carry. This is also the major disadvantage because it also makes it easy for a thief to steal. That is why the lock is one of the most important accessories for an electric scooter. Often there is no lock supplied with the scooter. The locks for electric scooters are mostly combination locks or chain locks. You can get this lock through the wheel and then secure it to a pole. This way you can leave your scooter with peace of mind when you go to the supermarket.

The Segway-Ninebot Password Lock is perfect for an electric scooter. This is because the lock is small and easy to use. You can attach it to your handlebars with the suspension bracket so you always have the lock with you. This lock is made of strong braided steel which makes the lock flexible and resistant to sawing. In addition to the Segway-Ninebot Combination Lock, there are also other electric scooter locks that are suitable for safely storing your scooter.

2. Helmet

Most accessories are useful, but safety is of course the most important. No matter how carefully you drive, you will still be somewhat vulnerable on a scooter. It is therefore strongly recommended to wear a helmet while driving. The Segway-Ninebot Commuter helmet is a good option for this because of the design and quality. The helmet is made of polycarbonate (PC) and contains Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) technology. This makes the helmet light which ensures a comfortable feeling. The helmet is also adjustable, which makes it suitable for everyone. Safety comes first! That's why we choose the Segway-Ninebot Commuter helmet as our number two.

3. Phone holder

An electric scooter is easy to control, but you always need two hands on the steering wheel. This often makes navigating to your destination difficult. A phone holder is the solution for this problem. You place your phone in the holder and you drive to your destination without any problems. We recommend the Segway-Ninebot phone holder for this because it is sturdy and adjustable. This way you can easily place any size phone in the holder. You attach the holder itself to the handlebar, so that it is nicely visible.

4. Storage bag

In addition to accessories that provide safety or security, there are also accessories that make use easier. For example, the Segway-Ninebot storage bag is useful for taking things with you during your trip. The storage bag is attached to the steering column and has enough space to store several items. You can store your food, drinks and wallet in the bag. The storage bag is made of hardened material which ensures that your belongings are protected if you accidentally fall with the scooter. The zipper on the front makes it easy to open and close the bag.

5. Electric scooter saddle

The number 5 in our list will not apply to every electric scooter user, but it is a must-have for the older or less mobile target group. Not everyone is able to stand on a scooter for a long time, an electric scooter saddle offers a solution. This way you can decide for yourself whether you want to stand or rather sit. Almost all saddles have built-in shock absorption, which provides a comfortable riding experience. When the saddle is mounted, you can also fold it in so you can also fold the scooter.


We believe safety is the most important. That is why we recommend purchasing protection for yourself (helmet) and for the scooter (lock). In addition, the phone holder, bag and saddle are accessories that add something to riding an electric scooter.