Electric scooter buying guide

Electric scooter buying guide
24 Dec 2021

The electric scooter is becoming more and more visible in the streets around the world. This is partly because large foreign companies have introduced the share scooter in many cities around the world. Companies such as Bird and Lime have rolled out their sharing scooter concept over more than 100 cities worldwide. The concept of these companies is that you can rent the electric scooter for a certain amount in order to cover short distances in a big city. Due to the increase in the number of cars in cities, traffic jams and congestion are increasing, causing cities to literally clog up. With an electric scooter you do not suffer from this and you can be much faster at your destination than by car. An electric scooter also contributes to a cleaner environment because you drive completely electric and do not take the car what prevent CO2 emissions.

The idea behind the concept is wonderful because you are not only faster but also environmentally friendly. The disadvantage of this concept is that you have to pay again and again for renting the electric scooter and that there are a limited number of scooters available in your area. The solution to this problem is to buy an electric scooter yourself so that you save money every day and are assured that you can drive to your destination with the scooter.

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Buying guide electric scooter

Because there are many different types of electric scooters it is difficult to make a good choice. To help you, we have listed below what you should look out for when you plan to buy an electric scooter. First we have made an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of an electric scooter.

Advantages electric scooter

  • Faster on location (no problems with traffic jams)
  • Environmentally friendly (CO2 emission free)
  • Cheap driving (no expensive fuel)
  • Ideal for short distances (up to 45km)

Disadvantages electric scooter

  • You have to charge it (wait until it is fully charged)
  • Not yet legal in some European countries (no laws yet)

Is an electric scooter legal?

Because an electric scooter is a new kind of product, there is no specific laws in many countries. The European Commission is currently developing general legislation for small electric vehicles including the electric scooter. This legislation can then be adopted by all countries in Europe, which means that the rules for e-mobility will be the same for all countries. However, many countries in Europe have already allowed the use of electric scooters. They are legal in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Sweden, England, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. In the Netherlands it is unfortunately not yet allowed to drive on public roads with an electric scooter. For this we have to wait for the development of the European legislation on small electric vehicles or an earlier approval from the Dutch government.

Technical specifications electric scooter

When you are planning to buy an electric scooter, it is important to look at the technical specifications. The four most important components are the range, capacity, collapsibility and build quality.

Battery range

The range is one of the most important aspects to look at because it determines how far you can drive on a full battery. The more capacity the battery has, the higher the range and the further you can drive. The greater the battery capacity is, the more expensive the electric scooter is, and this is because the battery is one of the most expensive parts. It is important to know how far you want to drive with the scooter. Most electric scooters go 15 to 30km on a full battery. This is more than enough for daily commuting or leisure trips. The scooters are usually fully charged within 2 to 3 hours, so you can quickly continue driving.

The power

The power is also one of the most important aspects because it directly affects the driving feeling itself. The greater the power of the motor, the faster you accelerate and the faster you can drive. Nothing is more annoying than getting started slowly. The electric scooters which are allowed on public roads in many European countries may not exceed 25km/h. This is because they are under the legislation of electric bicycles. Because of this it is important to take an electric scooter with a maximum speed of 25km/h if you want to use it on public roads. It is also important to look at the power of the engine, this is expressed in the number of watts. More watts means more pull-up force and faster speeds. The most common wattages for electric scooters are 150W, 250W and 300W. For small children 150W will be enough but for adults not, they need 250W or 300W because they are heavier.


It is super handy when you can fold up the electric scooter. This allows you to easily take or store the scooter anywhere. You can easily take the electric scooter with you in the car or on the train. You can also easily store it on arrival at your destination because it occupies less space. When the electric scooter is collapsed you can easily carry it on your hand.

Build quality

The build quality of an electric scooter is an important aspect to take into account. The better the build quality the longer the electric scooter will last. It is important to take an electric scooter from a brand known for its quality. At the moment there are 2 brands worldwide known for their high quality electric scooters and that are Segway and Xiaomi. Due to the high quality, these scooters are also used by large international scooter sharing companies such as Bird, Lime and Skipp.

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How much does an electric scooter cost?

As always, the more you pay the better the quality. You pay for quality and that is because better and more expensive parts are used. However, there are electric scooters for sale from €200. These are often scooters for small children with a low range and power. When you want to go for a good quality electric scooter which lasts for years you will have to pay at least €500. The market for high quality scooters is dominated by Segway and Xiaomi. Both companies offer electric scooters of comparable quality, specifications and price.