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Brekr Model F
Brekr Model F
Brekr Model F
Brekr Model F
Brekr Model F
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Shipment date: 30 September 2023
Brekr Model F
Brekr Model F
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Pre-order the Brekr Model F and get €400 discount. This promotion is available until 30 September 2023 or while stocks last, gone = gone.

Pros and cons

  • Available in different colors
  • Smart and powerful engine
  • Replaceable battery
  • Brekr app
  • There is no helmet obligation for the fatbike


Brekr Model F First Edition

Pre-order your Model F First Edition now to be one of the first to drive. The First Edition batch comes with:

  • Free battery upgrade
  • Special First Edition color
  • Additional connectivity

The Brekr Model F is an innovative and versatile fat bike designed for both city and off-road use. With its unique combination of performance, versatility and durability, the Model F is the perfect choice for young and old.

Design Brekr Model F

The design of the Brekr Model F is based on the design of the electric moped from Brekr, the Model B. The Brekr Model F has the same quality, fun and driving characteristics as the Model B. But in the form of a fat bike. The Brekr Model F has a seat that can be adjusted in height at 3 different heights. This allows you to adjust the seat to the ideal height. The seat is long enough for 2 people so you can always take someone with you.

Removable battery

The battery of the Brekr Model F is neatly concealed under the saddle and can be removed by unlocking it. This way you can take it with you and charge it wherever it suits you. There are 2 different types of batteries available. The fat bike comes standard with a 540 Wh battery. Do you want a larger range? Then there is also a 720 Wh battery available. With this you can drive further and never have to worry about charging. If the battery is empty, you can fully recharge it in 5 to 6 hours.

Smooth driving experience

Just like with the Brekr model B, they have done everything they can to give you the best driving experience with the model F. The fat bike has 22 inch pneumatic tires that have been developed by Brekr itself. These provide a better look and more comfort while driving. Furthermore, the Brekr model F has a belt drive that drives the rear wheel. The great thing about this drive is that it requires little or no maintenance, because you do not have to lubricate a chain or other rotating parts.

Strong motor with automatic gears

The Brekr model F is powered by a hub motor which is located in the rear wheel. This engine has automatic gears that shift based on driving style. And to make everything even easier, the fat bike also has a throttle that helps you to accelerate quickly from standstill. This only works up to 6 km/h and then it switches itself off.

Brekr app

You can connect the Brekr model F to the user-friendly Brekr app. The app provides useful information about range, driving style, mileage and more. The Model F is also equipped with a GPS tracker so you can always trace your fat bike with the app.

Complete your Brekr Model F

Accessories make using your Brekr Model F even more fun. There are various locks to safely put away your Model F. With a phone holder on the handlebars you can navigate easily and safely to your destination. Is your fat bike outside a lot? Then a protective cover offers a solution against a wet seat.

Need help?

Need help?

Our customer service is ready to answer your question about the Brekr Model F.

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  • App
  • Battery Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity 540 Wh, 720 Wh
  • Battery range -
  • Brake system Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Brand Brekr
  • Chain guard
  • Charging time 5-6 hours
  • Dimensions -
  • Display
  • Lighting
  • Model Model F
  • Motor Hub motor
  • Motor position Rear wheel motor
  • Motor power 250 watt
  • Mudguards
  • Top speed 25 km/h
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 29 kg
  • Wheel size 22 x 4 inch
  • Wheel type All Terrain
Pros and cons