Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic

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Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
25 km/h
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Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
Brekr Model B Steel Grey Metallic
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Pros and cons

  • Available in different colors
  • Smart and powerful engine
  • Replaceable battery
  • Brekr app
  • There is a helmet obligation for the 25 km/h and 45 km/h variant


The safe and high-quality Model B from Brekr is suitable for short and long journeys. This electric moped is standard equipped with an 2026 Wh battery. The battery contains high-quality Samsung 18650 E35 battery cells, resulting in a range from 50 to 80 km. The 4000 Watt electric motor in combination with the extra light aluminum frame ensures a top speed of 25 or 45 km/h. In addition, the e-moped is equipped with extra large tires and good front and rear suspension, resulting in stable handling and extra comfort. The smart Brekr app gives you insight into your journeys, location and speeds.

Advanced battery management system

The Brekr Model B is equipped with a 2026 Wh energy-saving battery. This battery has high-quality Samsung 18650 E35 battery cells and an advanced battery management system (BMS). This results in a range of 60-80 km with a top speed of 25 km/h. The moped model has a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of 50-70 km. With the supplied charger you can fully charge the battery within 5 hours.

Powerful 4000 Watt electric motor

The e-moped has a powerful 4000 Watt electric motor and is available as a light moped and moped model. For example, the moped model goes 45 km/h and the light moped 25 km/h. As a result, you will be at the desired location in no time with the Model B.

Stable handling and driving experience

Experience stable road holding and maneuver smoothly thanks to the light aluminum frame. With the extra large tires you can effortlessly drive over holes in the road and experience extra comfort. The Model B is also equipped with a suspension fork and a unique suspension system that dampens the unevenness in the road surface.

Safe and responsible use

Enjoy a safe and responsible ride with the Brekr Model B. The moped has a 220 mm hydraulic disc front brake and 180 mm hydraulic disc rear brake. It is also equipped with a front and rear light, so that you can hit the road safely and responsibly.

Access to the smart Brekr app

Thanks to the Brekr app you stay connected to the electric moped at all time. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, you can easily and quickly view all your journeys, your location and speeds. In addition, it offers the possibility to perform safety checks, so that you prevent dangerous situations.

Customize your Brekr

You can fully customize the Brekr Model B to your own taste by giving it a personal touch. You can choose the color of the frame, the saddle and the suspension yourself. There is a choice of 11 different colors for the frame, 2 colors for the saddle and 2 colors for the suspension. Are you tired of the color of the frame? Order a new set of frame hoods in a different colour and your Brekr feels like new.

Complete your Brekr Model B

There are different types of accessories available for the Brekr Model B. There are locks that allow you to leave the Brekr on the street without worry. When choosing a lock, it is important to check whether it meets the conditions of your insurance. In addition to locks, there are different types of helmets that protect your head well. When choosing a helmet, it is important that it fits your head well. In addition, it is nice if the inside of the helmet has soft fabric so that it is comfortable.

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  • Alarm
  • App
  • Battery Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity 2026 Wh
  • Battery range 25 km/h: up to 80 km, 45 km/h: up to 70 km
  • Brake system Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Brand Brekr
  • Charging time 5 hours
  • Cruise control
  • Dimensions 1900 x 750 x 1120 mm (L x W x H)
  • Display
  • Lighting
  • Model Model B
  • Motor Hub motor
  • Motor position Rear wheel motor
  • Motor power 4000 watt
  • Top speed 25 km/h, 45 km/h
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 79 kg
  • Wheel size 17 inch
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