Volta GT and GTS: These new fat bikes are going to conquer the market!

Volta GT and GTS: These new fat bikes are going to conquer the market!
09 Jan 2023

After a long wait, it's finally here! The launch of the latest Volta GT & GTS fat bikes is a fact. The e-bikes with fat tires (also called fat bikes) are becoming more popular by the day and that is of course not without reason. These new e-bikes have a retro and sleek design, resulting in a tough appearance. However, not only the design is beautiful, but also the driving characteristics and comfort are two big plus points. In this blog we list all the advantages of both the Votla GT and the Volta GTS fat bike!

Advantage 1: For both short and long distances

Do you want to be able to drive to any desired location without having to end up with an empty battery? Both the Volta GT and the Volta GTS fat bikes are equipped with a large battery and powerful 250 Watt motor. For example, the Volta GT fat bike has a range of 80 km and the Volta GTS fat bike has a range of 50 km. As a result, both electric fat bikes are not only suitable for short distances, but also for long distances.

Advantage 2: Stable handling and comfortable

Safety is very important and that is why the Volta GT & GTS fat bikes have 20 inch tires. This, in combination with the front suspension, ensures that you can effortlessly ride over sidewalks, tram tracks and unpaved roads with these electric fat bikes. The mechanical disc brakes stop you in seconds and prevent annoying accidents.

Advantage 3: Ideal combination of comfort and functionality

Choose from no less than 7 different gears and determine the right pedal weight thanks to the built-in Shimano 7-speed gears. Easily adjust the fat bike to your own liking via the LCD display and experience the right pedal resistance even in a headwind so that you can effortlessly climb any slope. This, in combination with the high-quality saddle, ensures optimal comfort and ease of riding.

Advantage 4: A fat bike is ideal for beginners

Ride undisturbed and effortlessly over any type of terrain and experience obstacles as less of a challenge with the Volta fat bikes. The extra-wide tires straighten out rookie mistakes and let you drive on unpaved roads without being bothered. The large striking surface improves balance and stability, making a Volta GT & GTS fatbike more suitable than a mountain bike.

Benefit 5: Fewer problems with damaged rims or spokes

Due to the shock-absorbing effect of the tyres, the rims and spokes have to process less force, so that they are less likely to be damaged. In addition, the structure of the Volta GT & GTS fat bikes is also many times firmer, because they consist of high-quality material. All this also makes the electric fat bikes ideal for heavier riders and for transporting luggage.

Advantage 6: No helmet requirement, driver's license or vehicle registration required

Do I need a helmet for the Volta GT & GTS e-fat bikes? The answer is quite simple, namely no! And that's not the only thing, because driving a fat bike does not require a driver's license. With the new Volta fat bikes, you do not have to worry about annoying obligations such as a helmet, driver's license and license plate registrations. What's stopping you from buying this new fat bike? Contact us and take a test drive!