Maintenance on your hoverboard: 6 valuable tips!

Maintenance on your hoverboard: 6 valuable tips!
28 Dec 2022
The best hoverboards are of course made of high-quality material and are durable in use. However, this is not to say that you should drive an electric hoverboard beyond their limits. Even the latest technology and innovations cannot withstand wear and tear and overuse. Just like bicycles and scooters, an electric hoverboard also needs proper care and maintenance to last an extra long time. Do you want your hoverboard to last for years? Read 6 valuable maintenance tips below!

Maintenance tip 1: Charge your hoverboard's batteries regularly

A hoverboard is fully electric and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, so you do not have to purchase separate battery packs. However, it is important to charge the built-in batteries regularly. This results in optimal and long-lasting operation, and you can be sure that you will never run out of power. This way you can always use your hoverboard when you need it

Maintenance tip 2: Let your hoverboard cool down after use

It's no surprise that a hoverboard can also get warm with excessive use. The hoverboard warms up mainly if you use it immediately after charging or if you make consecutive rides at the same time. Therefore, let your hoverboard cool down before using it again. This prevents your hoverboard from overheating and contributes to a longer lifespan.

Maintenance tip 3: Check the operation of the pedals of your hoverboard

Do you feel unsafe standing on top of your hoverboard's pedals? It is wise to have your hoverboard checked for maintenance. The pedals should not feel loose or unstable, because this can cause annoying situations. Therefore, regularly test the stability of your hoverboard and check whether the pedals feel comfortable. This way you can safely use your hoverboard and prevent unexpected accidents.

Maintenance tip 4: Clean your hoverboard regularly and thoroughly

A hoverboard can collect a lot of dust and dirt over time, making it important to clean your hoverboard both before and after use. This way you prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and damaging the sensors and other internal components. Also keep your hoverboard in a safe and cool place and away from dusty objects and furniture.

Maintenance tip 5: Don't wait too long to repair your hoverboard

It is often said, but in practice it turns out not to be easy. If your hoverboard feels unsafe, you should have your hoverboard serviced by an expert and repairs made where necessary. Postponing repairs can cause damage to your hoverboard and increase the risk of dangerous situations while driving. So don't wait too long with maintenance on your hoverboard and enjoy a longer lifespan.

Maintenance tip 6: Have your hoverboard checked annually by an expert

The maintenance of your hoverboard is of great importance for long-term and safe driving pleasure. We at Voltes therefore advise you to have your hoverboard checked annually by an expert, so that signs of wear and tear are seen in time. Of course you don't want to have an accident that you could have prevented by having your hoverboard serviced. We at Voltes are more than happy to help you perform maintenance repairs on all types of hoverboards and e-skateboards!