How do you best maintain your e-skateboard?

How do you best maintain your e-skateboard?
03 Jan 2023

Looking for the best ways to maintain your electric skateboard? Then first of all choose an electric skateboard from a reputable brand, because these are of the highest quality and last the longest. There are e-skateboards in many different designs, depending on your taste and riding style. Has your e-skateboard been damaged? Annoying, but we carry out repairs for every type of e-skateboards.

Careing the skateboard: the battery

You should charge the battery of your electric skateboard after every use, so that you never end up with an empty battery. Also, do not store the battery in a humid place. You should keep the engine clean regularly. As a result, you not only maintain performance, you also ensure that the engine has a longer lifespan. Skateboard maintenance also includes checking your motor before and after each use. Is this clean? Doesn't he make strange noises? The engine may overheat while driving. In that case, you should give the engine time to cool down before deciding to continue driving. Make sure you don't overcharge your battery. Do not overcharge the battery in the charger as this may cause internal damage. Also first plug the charger into the electric skateboard before plugging it into the socket. Have you not used your skateboard for a long time? Then charge the battery once a month.

The battery and ESC

ESC stands for “Electronic Speed ​​Controller”. This one is very sensitive. When servicing it, first unplug the battery and then take out the ESC. You can clean the exterior with a toothbrush. Make sure the ESC is completely dry before plugging it back in.

Full cleaning e-skateboard

Clean your e-skateboard as best you can after every ride. Remove the dust and dirt with a slightly damp cloth. Be careful not to get water or dirt into the electrical parts. Is everything clean? Dry the surfaces with a dry cloth. You can clean the skate bearings with the same kind of cloth. Thanks to clean bearings, the wheels of the electric skateboard continue to roll smoothly. Cleaning alone is not enough. Once your electronic skateboard is clean, you should also store it in a responsible place. Do this at room temperature, in a dry environment. The Lithium battery cannot withstand heat very well, so do not store it right next to the heater. A dark place such as a closet or garage is ideal.

Maintenance of the wheels

On an e-skateboard, the wheels will probably wear out the fastest. These are in direct contact with the ground. Make sure there is enough pressure on the wheels (too much air is also not good). If the thickness of the wheels is less than 5 millimeters, it's time to replace them. Rotate the wheels every now and then, especially when you are not using the board. The bearings hold the wheels in place. If bearings are damaged, it is best to replace them with new ones. If they are dirty, clean them with a detergent. Wet or oily bearings are best left to dry under natural sunlight.

Maintenance of screws and bolts

Purchasing an e-skateboard is not that different from purchasing a moped or even a car: proper maintenance is necessary, otherwise the performance will deteriorate. On the electric skateboard you will find numerous screws and nuts. Check that they are in place and tightened tightly. In particular, the screws of the wheels must be properly tightened. If your skateboard has a drive belt that connects the wheels to the motor, check the condition of this belt before every ride. It happens often enough that something gets stuck in here. Also check that the belt is in good condition, so that you can safely hit the road.

Useful tools for cleaning

The following tools are useful for cleaning and maintaining the electric skateboard: a screwdriver (flat head), a ratchet for tightening and loosening nuts, a soluble cleaning agent, a Stanley knife and possibly a toothbrush. Fine grit sandpaper, cotton cloths and engine oil will also come in handy. If necessary, use a heat gun for flaking paint and air blowers for the drying process.