Read all about the cargo bike here: what you need to know before you buy one?

Read all about the cargo bike here: what you need to know before you buy one?
17 Jan 2023

A number of technical aspects of the cargo bike

Having a cargo bike sounds nice, but choosing the model that suits you best requires some attention. Add to that the costs of the purchase and you know that you should not take any chances. But what should you really consider when choosing a cargo bike? Is there a list of minimum requirements or conditions that you can check off? In this blog we tell you about the most essential elements that influence your choice for a cargo bike. Put them in a row and see which cargo bike stands head and shoulders above the rest. A number of technical aspects of the cargo bike When looking at the characteristics of a cargo bike, you have to look at who (or what) you are going to transport in the box and whether two or three wheels are the best choice. Do you have very small children who find it difficult to keep their balance?

Then the cargo bike with three wheels is more comfortable than the cargo bike with two wheels, because it provides more sturdiness or stability. This type of cargo bike is therefore better on the road, although you do have to get used to how it rides in the beginning. The extra wheel on the cargo bike with three wheels affects the maneuverability that you are used to from a normal bicycle. Whether you have one child or four children to transport, of course makes a lot of difference. It not only affects the size of the cargo bike's box, but also whether you want an electric cargo bike or a cargo bike without pedal assistance. As soon as you regularly want to take several little ones from A to B (and especially if this concerns slightly longer distances, so also pay attention to the range), an electric cargo bike is a real pleasure.

As Dutch people we love cycling and we are really used to some wind, but with a 'precious load' for your cargo bike you want to arrive safely at your destination. The electric cargo bike – even though the initial investment is on average almost 1000 euros more and requires different maintenance – is then really an ideal solution. Is your cargo bike not about children, but about transporting products to customers and is it part of your logistics business solution? Then you may be looking more at the shape of the box and how you can organize and protect your load during transport. The largest container may seem like the best choice, but also look at the routes that the delivery drivers have to cycle. A busy city center that is not equipped for cargo bikes on the cycle path may cause more problems with the largest model of cargo bike.

Advantages of cargo bikes in our little country

With all the accessories that are available today (such as a special rain hood that keeps the box nice and dry), it is even fun to go out with the electric cargo bike even in bad weather. Shopping, taking your puppy to your parents' village nearby, or touring with your family through the first layer of snow of winter; it's all possible with the cargo bike. Take the Cangoo cargo bike for example. This is the ideal combination of a safe design, a sleek design and a comfortable pedaling mechanism. Who says functional can't be beautiful? You save a lot of fuel with an electric cargo bike and it is also good for your health. You are active with cycling, spend time with your family and enjoy the outdoors together. What else do you want?

Just don't forget that your cargo bike…

…it does take up space! And that is where you can be disappointed when you look at the different types of cargo bikes. An electric cargo bike for children with a large box to allow them to sit next to each other takes up much more space than a short or long tail cargo bike. This type of cargo bike is longer, because your children sit in the front, but behind each other, while the traditional cargo bike is much wider in the front. So you have to reserve a place for your valuable means of transport at your house or in your shed or garage. And insurance in case of damage or theft is also worth considering. You would rather not think about the fact that your reliable two- or three-wheel cargo bike will one day disappear.

The best two tips when buying a cargo bike

Go test drive. Do not let a friend or your mother advise you which electric cargo bike you should buy, because she lives somewhere else, drives different distances, has more or less space for storage, transports different loads, has a different budget… and so on by means of. Rent a cargo bike in the area or try them out when you are on vacation. You will soon notice what you like and don't like during your test drive. The second tip has become almost self-evident for times when you are going to buy something new and that is reading reviews. However, make sure that the review is written by someone who has real experience with the cargo bike and that it is not just a promotional talk. You really want to know what someone likes or dislikes about a cargo bike and why. By comparing the reviewer's situation with your own, you automatically become wiser from cargo bike reviews.